Calvary Launches Bereavement Support Groups For Children and Teens in Brooklyn
Calvary Launches Bereavement Support Groups For Children and Teens in Brooklyn

BRONX, NY, January 2012 – Beginning this spring, Calvary Hospital will be offering weekly bereavement support groups for children and teens in downtown Brooklyn.  They are for:

·        Children ages 6-12 years - Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 PM

·        Teenagers ages 13-18 years - Thursdays from 4:30-6:00 PM

Both groups will meet at St. Joseph’s High School for Girls at 80 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Each group will begin as soon as a minimum of five children are signed up.  All services are open to the community and FREE of charge.

The launching of these support groups will replicate Calvary’s successful bereavement services offered in the Bronx.  Children and teens who may feel isolated in grieving the death of a loved one will be given the opportunity to meet and be with others struggling with similar losses.  Groups will meet for eight consecutive weeks, and repeat themselves at the close of each cycle. All children and teens must be pre-registered prior to the first session.

For further information and complete details on either children’s support group, please contact Kristen Finneran, MS at (646) 739-1005 or

            Calvary’s bereavement groups have supported thousands of adults and children at a very difficult time in their lives.  In the New York metropolitan area, Calvary has established itself as a resource for grieving families by offering free bereavement support groups for adults, children, and teens, as well as referrals for additional support as needed.  Calvary support groups are available to anyone who has lost a loved one, whether or not they had a connection to the Hospital.  Many are from the larger community, and have lost loved ones to illness, accident, or violence.


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