Gift Annuity Program-Print Ads
Gift Annuity Program-Print Ads


Calvary introduces their Gift Annuity Ads”

Gift Annuity Ads

A series of print ads promoting Calvary's Gift Annuity Program.  The first two ads are donor testimonials and were published in the October 22nd and November 5th issue of Catholic New York.  The third ad uses a corporate format and will run in the November 19th issue of Catholic New York. 

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is a written contract established when you give Calvary assets (cash or securities) in exchange for life-long fixed income payments.  The amount you receive depends on your age at the time you make the gift and the date the income payments begin.  Typically, the older you are the more favorable the terms of the payout.  One or two people can receive the income payments; and the donor need not be the income beneficiary.  It is possible to select the time you wish to start the income payments.  If you choose to start them right away then it is called an immediate charitable gift annuity.  When you decide to delay the payments - which can increase the payout amount once payments begin - it is called a deferred charitable gift annuity.  To see gift annuity print ads, please click here.


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