Calvary Hospital mourns the recent loss of James E. Cimino, M.D.
Calvary Hospital mourns the recent loss of James E. Cimino, M.D.

Dr. James CiminoThe entire Calvary Hospital community celebrates the life and mourns the passing of Dr. James E. Cimino.

He was an innovative and caring physician, leader, teacher, and devoted friend.

Dr. Cimino is widely known as the co-inventor of a major advance in artificial kidney treatment, which has benefited millions of patients and remains in wide use today. He was renowned for his dedication to the transformation of the House of Calvary to the internationally recognized model of a palliative care hospital it is today, as well as for his role in the creation of the Palliative Care Institute at Calvary Hospital.

Through his works, he has extended the life and reduced the suffering of countless people throughout the world.

"Jack" came to Calvary nearly 50 years ago. His deep friendship and unwavering devotion to our Hospital is an important part of our history and will be sorely missed - but his memory will live on as an inspiration to us all.

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