Calvary hosts visitors from Cyprus and Turkey
Calvary hosts visitors from Cyprus and Turkey



BRONX, NY, March 2010 – Calvary Hospital’s Palliative Care Institute hosted two doctors recently from Turkey and Cyprus; Dr. Mutafoglu from Eylul University Hospital and Dr. Angela Economakis from Charing Cross Hospital, respectively. The two women were here as a result of their countries’ involvement in the Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC). Both doctors learned about the Calvary model of inpatient palliative care and hospice care during their visit. Upon their return to Turkey and Cyprus, both doctors hope to open the first palliative care centers in their respective countries.

            MECC is an exchange program that was created following the National Cancer Institute’s 2005 designation of Calvary Hospital as an international center for training in palliative care.” Health care professionals from countries such as the Palestinian Authority, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt visit Calvary for one week to several months to learn about palliative care at Calvary and take that knowledge back to their countries. To date, every MECC member has sent representatives to Calvary.

Photocaption from left to right

  • Dr. Kamer Mutafoglu, MD, Dokuz Eylul University Hospital (Turkey)
  • Dr. Robert A. Brescia, MD, Director of the Palliative Care Institute, Calvary Hospital
  • Dr. Angela Economakis, MD, Charing Cross Hospital (Cyprus)


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