Calvary Hospital Hosts Annual Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Calvary Hospital Hosts Annual Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.


BRONX, NY, January 2011 -- On Friday, January 14, 2011 - Calvary Hospital honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Keynote speaker Reverend Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson (Park Avenue Christian Church, New York, NY) helped celebrate the birth, the life, and the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He talked about Dr. King’s method of using non-violent demonstrations to bring an end to racial segregation and reminded us about his vision of a land where each person would be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.

            Patients, families, and employees enjoyed inspirational and uplifting traditional gospel songs by Reverend Marshall Morton and Calvary Hospital’s Gospel Choir that became a key anthem of the US civil rights movements such as Ride On King Jesus as well as We Shall Overcome.

Calvary Hospital is the nation’s only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital devoted exclusively to providing palliative care to adult advanced cancer patients.  A 225-bed facility with locations in the Bronx and Brooklyn, Calvary is the model for the relief of cancer pain and symptoms for more than a century.  More than 5,500 patients are cared for annually by Calvary’s inpatient, outpatient, homecare, hospice, nursing home hospice, and wound care services.  To learn more or sign up for the e-newsletter, Calvary Life, please go to


§         Reverend Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson, Park Avenue Christian Church;

§         Reverend Carlos Alejandro, Supervisor, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Calvary Hospital.


  • Calvary Hospital’s Gospel Choir performs at Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Event, the event attracted over 50 friends, family members, and staff.



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