New Name for Annual Bereavement Summer Camp for Children
New Name for Annual Bereavement Summer Camp for Children

Calvary Announces New Name for Annual Bereavement Summer Camp for Children

Bronx, NY, February 2011 - Calvary Hospital is proud to announce that “Calvary’s Camp Compass” is the new name for their annual summer camp for children ages 6-17.  During a hospital-wide contest, more than 100 suggestions were submitted.  In recognition of the winning entry, Dr. Sherry Schachter presented Elizabeth Edds Kougasian of the Calvary Fund department, with a check for $100.00.

            When asked about her inspiration for the name Ms. Kougasian noted, “The kids that participate in Calvary’s bereavement camp have experienced profound loss.  Kids of all ages are often self-conscious about anything that sets them apart.  I thought the new name for our camp should be something hip or trendy that would allow our campers to impress their peers when they talk about their summer activities.  The symbolism of a compass seemed like a perfect fit.  The compass is, of course, a practical device that campers and hikers rely upon to identify location and direction.  And Calvary’s bereavement camp with its unique combination of outside activities, craft projects, group discussions, and workshops is a  program that helps these young people identify and navigate their feelings easing them through the grieving process.  So the camp itself is also a tool-- guiding kids who, due to difficult circumstances, are challenged to chart a new direction for their lives and their relationships.”

            For the past 13 years, Calvary’s unique week-long camp has provided bereaved children and teens a nurturing and relaxing environment for them to be carefree for a few hours each day.  It has also offered the campers the opportunity to share their feelings and to remember their loved ones through various bereavement activities.  Calvary is grateful for support for the summer camp from the Newman's Own Foundation, Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, G.L. Connolly Foundation, Terry & Elroy Krumholz Foundation, and Robert Mize & Isa White Trimble Foundation.


  • Father Chux Okochi, Director of Pastoral Care;
  • Frank A. Calamari, President and CEO;
  • Elizabeth Edds Kougasian, Esq., Director of  Major & Planned Gifts;
  • Sherry R. Schachter, PhD, Director of Bereavement Services; and
  • Richard J. Kutilek, Chief Operating Officer.

Calvary Hospital is the nation’s only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital devoted exclusively to providing palliative care to adult advanced cancer patients.  A 225-bed facility with locations in the Bronx and Brooklyn, Calvary is the model for the relief of cancer pain and symptoms for more than a century.  More than 5,700 patients are cared for annually by Calvary’s inpatient, outpatient, homecare, hospice, nursing home hospice, and wound care services.  To learn more, support the Calvary mission, or sign up for the Hospital’s e-newsletter, please go to

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