Peritore Family Supports Calvary Brooklyn Campus

On July 7, 2017, Joey Peritore and members of his family were on hand at Calvary’s Brooklyn Campus as two gold leaves in memory of Joe and Susan Peritore were put up on the Hospital’s Donor Wall. A few months ago, Joey decided to honor the memory of his parents by using his 40th birthday to fundraise for Calvary’s Brooklyn Campus. Both of his parents received outstanding end-of-life care at this campus. Joey surpassed his goal of raising $4,000! A heartfelt thanks to Joey for his commitment to Calvary’s mission!

To learn more about Calvary’s Brooklyn Donor Wall, please click here.

Joey Peritore (far right) is pictured with his nephew Carlo Peritore Jr. (left) and his brother Carlo Peritore (center)


A close up of the two plaques in memory of Joey and Carlo Peritore’s parents.

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