Therapeutic Recreation

Our therapeutic recreation and music therapy programs were created to give patients a sense of accomplishment and to relieve the suffering of our patients and their families.  Therapeutic recreation activities include drawing, sculpture, and ceramics projects; horticulture; a games and discussion hour; and holiday parties.  Music therapy often helps soothe patients and helps them focus on life. 

Our board certified music therapists use music therapy interventions to soothe patients, relieve anxiety, reminisce, and ease pain and suffering. Music therapy interventions may also provide release in the last hours or moments of life. Patients receiving music therapy sometimes write songs assisted by the music therapists to leave for loved ones, or find other ways to open their hearts through music. Our clinicians report that in some cases, the only time a patient laughs or smiles is during a music therapy session. We also find that music therapy can reduce stress for families and ease their sorrow. Music therapy is available at both inpatient locations and is also one of the services we offer through Calvary@Home.

In keeping with our mission to share our knowledge and experience with others, Calvary offers an internship program in music therapy, which is recognized as a national clinical training site by the American Music Therapy Association.

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