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Calvary Hospital, the nation’s only acute care specialty hospital devoted to the palliative care of adult patients with advanced cancer, has been the model for the relief of cancer pain and symptoms for more than a century.  Through its inpatient, outpatient, hospice, nursing home hospice and home care services, Calvary serves more than 5,700 patients and families annually.

On October 16, 2001, Calvary opened its 25-bed Brooklyn Campus at NYU Lutheran, the first "hospital-within-a- hospital" in New York State.  We address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and families.  All patients receive expert pain and sympton management from a multidisciplinary team.

Patients at the Brooklyn satellite receive the same hallmark care that patients receive at the main facility in the Bronx.

To date, our Brooklyn Campus has cared for more than 4,000 patients.  Organized, staffed, and operated by Calvary Hospital, the Satellite occupies approximately 13,000 square feet on NYU Lutheran's third floor, located at 150 55th Street, Brooklyn, New York.  

When you are admitted to Calvary Hospital-The Brooklyn Campus, you will meet with various department personnel concerning Calvary’s programs of care. All information will be maintained confidential.

For further information, please contact Community Outreach Services at 718-518-2300 or visit our website at

Calvary Hospital-The Brooklyn Campus accommodates 25 patients, in a warm and state of the art environment. The majority of patients stay in private rooms.  Every effort has been made to assure a comfortable hospital stay.  

Visitors to the Brooklyn campus will immediately notice the Rosemarie O'Keefe Memorial Garden & Patio.  Named in the memory of an extraordinary Bay Ridge native and community activist, this garden and patio has already begun bringing comfort and joy to patients and families.  

Visiting hours are 24 hours daily. Children may visit, however, they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while in the hospital.

Parking is available on 55th or 56th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues.

Recorded directions are available by calling (718) 630-7534.

Calvary Hospital-The Brooklyn Campus provides all patients with necessary items. Valuables should not be left at the patient’s bedside. It is recommended that dentures and eyeglasses be placed in protective containers when not in use. The Hospital is not responsible if these articles are lost or broken.

Staff chaplains are available to provide or arrange care for the spiritual needs of all patients from any religious community. Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated at 1:30 pm on Sundays.  A Rabbi is present on Thursday mornings.

All are invited to use the Sister Aasta Chapel located off the main lobby, which is available for prayer and meditation.  A Muslim Prayer Room is also available on the fifth floor.

The gift shop and coffee shop are located in the main lobby on the second floor for your visitor’s convenience. The coffee shop is open seven days a week.

The mail and flowers that you receive will be delivered to your room.

Each room is equipped with a telephone and television at no extra charge. Calls can be made by dialing “9” and the number.

Use of personal electrical equipment is prohibited. Battery operated equipment of less than 9 volts is permitted.

Security is in effect 24 hours a day.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the hospital.

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