Visiting hours are 24 hours daily. Overnight accommodations by one or two members of the patient’s immediate family are permitted when a patient is placed on critical. Children are permitted and encouraged to visit patients, under adult supervision. 

Mail and packages will be delivered to your room daily. All parcels should be addressed to Calvary Hospital, 1740 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10461 with your name and room number. 

When you are admitted to Calvary Hospital, you will be registered in the Admitting Office, which is located to the right of the lobby. You and/or your representative will be interviewed by a member of Calvary’s Admitting staff and during the course of the first day will meet with various department personnel concerning Calvary’s program of care. The information that is obtained during this interview will be incorporated into your medical chart and hospital accounting records. It will help members of the staff to serve you throughout your hospital stay.

The wrist identification band that you receive upon admission has your name, room number and your physician’s name on it. It is important that your name appears correctly. You must not remove the band at any time during your hospital stay, as it affords the staff a means of verifying your identity before carrying out procedures.

Each of Calvary Hospital’s 200 patient rooms accommodates one patient. Each room has a bathroom which is shared with one adjoining room.

Calvary Hospital provides all patients with bathrobes, pajamas, nightgowns and toiletry items. Personal articles may be used if a patient so wishes. At no time should valuables be kept at the patient’s bedside.

It is recommended that dentures and eyeglasses be placed in protective containers when not in use. The Hospital is not responsible if these articles are lost or broken.

Catholic Mass is celebrated 11:30am daily, Jewish Service is held 2:00pm on Fridays and Protestant Service is held 7:00pm Fridays and 2:30pm Sundays. Religious Services can be attended in the Chapel or viewed on Channel 23.

Throughout the Hospital, volunteers perform a wide variety of services. They donate their time, energies and talents to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Volunteers are here 7 days a week, however, the Volunteer Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Our volunteers can assist patients at meal times, provide companionship to patients, deliver mail (open and read if requested), distribute ice water, assist with patient transportation as requested, act as messengers and read to patients.

Patients and visitors are invited to utilize the Coffee Shop, located off the main lobby on the first floor. The Coffee Shop is open 7 days a week. Hours of service are posted in the lobby.

Visitors are also welcome to utilize the Cafeteria whenever the Coffee Shop is not available.

Snack foods, candy, ice cream and soda are available 24 hours a day from the vending machines.

Beauty Parlor and Barber Services are available free of charge. Appointments are arranged through the nursing staff. Patients can be taken to the Beauty Parlor area when their medical condition permits.

The New York Times and The Daily News are available to all patients 7 days a week. Speak to your Patient Care Coordinator for details.

Each room is equipped with a telephone and a color television. Outside calls to area codes 718, 201, 212, 516, 518, 607, 716, 800, 845 and 914 can be dialed directly after dialing 9. Calls to all other area codes can be made by dialing 0 and asking the operator for assistance.

All electrical equipment brought into the Hospital must be approved by the Facilities Management staff before use. Please present all electrical equipment to the nursing staff upon admission.

Security is in effect 24 hours a day. The main Security desk is located in the lobby and can be reached at ext. 2086.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Hospital. It is permitted only in designated smoking shelters outside the Hospital for staff and visitors ONLY.

The Hospital’s fire alarm system is tested each day at 10:00am and fire drills are held routinely. When there is a fire alarm, a signal is tripped that closes—but does not lock—doors in certain areas. Please do not be concerned. Fire drills are required every month. If the condition is serious, you will be alerted immediately.

Contributions to the Hospital should be directed toward the Calvary Fund at 718-518-2077. The staff of the Fund is prepared to assist donors to structure a gift that supports the Hospital and meets the personal, financial and investment needs of the donor.

PATIENT CARE & SAFETY AT CALVARY HOSPITAL                                Calvary Hospital measures itself against exceedingly high standards for patient care and safety and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which sets the industry standards for care and quality.

We encourage our patients and their family members to contact hospital management with any concerns or questions regarding the safety of our patients or the quality of care that is administered to them.  If you have such concerns, you may contact Michael T. Troncone, Director of Patient Intake Services at 718-518-2254 or

If a patient or family member is dissatisfied with the response of hospital management to a complaint or inquiry, we further encourage you to contact JCAHO for resolution.  You may contact the Joint Comission's Office of Quality Management to report concerns or register complaints at 1-800-994-6610 or

Calvary Hospital reminds all staff that any employee who has concerns about safety or the quality of care provided in the hospital may also contact JCAHO at the web address or phone number above.  No retaliatory disciplinary action will be taken due to a safety or quality report.


In order to ensure that our patient's safety and satisfaction is always at the forefront of our care, Calvary employees are held to the highest standards of both personal and professional conduct.  These standards are outlined in our Code of Conduct manual.  Please click here to read this manual.