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Calvary Hospital Celebrates Our Nurses and Caregivers

Gislene Noel, RN

Gislene Noel

“Every patient I have ever had has taught me something. My patients teach me humility, and they teach me to be brave in the face of danger.”

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Shelly Nakagawa, RN

Shelly Nakagawa

“I love caring for people at all stages of life…
End of life is very important to me because it is a celebration of our life journey.”

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Kwabena Agyeman, RN
Clinical Care Coordinator

Kwabena Agyeman

“Calvary has changed my whole perspective on life…
We all have to love one another.”

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Virginia Panchana, RN
Bronx Hospital

Virginia Panchana

“I have family members who are nurses. They love their career and encouraged me to pursue it as well.”

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Alexandra Desbas, RN
Calvary@Home, Director of Outreach

Alexandra Desbas

“I grew up in a household with medical professionals. My mom learned hospice at Calvary… what makes her a great hospice nurse, comes from Calvary.”

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Shawn Boyd, RN
Bronx Hospital

Shawn Boyd

“I think it’s a calling. Calvary opened me up to a whole new type of care. People think that when someone is in the end stage of life, there isn’t much to do. In fact, you have to do much more.”

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Kalmalee Golden, RN
Clinical Care Coordinator

Kalmalee Golden

“If I can make every patient’s final journey brighter and provide compassion, comfort, and care, then I know I’m doing my best”

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