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Calvary is truly where life continues!

“Calvary Hospital gave my wife Kathy comfort, care, love, and a front-row seat to our son’s wedding.”

Kathy Selvaggio
In 2019, Kathy Selvaggio, a patient at our Bronx Campus, was worried that she’d miss out on her son’s wedding. It was set to be a huge event with her children and grandchildren – especially important as the wedding was held during the holidays.

While we couldn’t get her there, we were able to bring the event to her! We streamed the wedding and held a reception right here at Calvary. We understand that nothing means more than love, laughter, and the milestones of life which mark time.

We are not like other hospitals

We understand that when a loved one is near the end of life nothing means more than being together.

CalvaryCare® spans a wide range of care options, based on the unique needs of the patient and their families. Calvary, founded on the guiding principles of compassion, dignity and non-abandonment, cares for patients and their loved ones.

Calvary’s program of care is designed to meet and address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones.

What is CalvaryCare®

The Best Hospice Care in the New York Metro-Area

“My life’s goal is to help people in need and truly make a difference.

I’m a Calvary Hospice Nurse.”

Kevin Nyack, RN

Calvary Hospice

“My life’s goal is to help people in need and truly make a difference.

I’m a Calvary Hospice Nurse.”

Kevin Nyack, RN

Calvary Hospice

“When my beloved wife Kathy was suffering from a rare lung disease, we all knew that she needed expert care – she needed Calvary. The skills and compassion of Calvary’s doctors and nurses managed her physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

Family means so much to Kathy. Just the thought of being separated from our children and grandchildren was making her anxious. Kathy was so worried about missing out on all the important events of their lives – like our son’s wedding.

It was impossible for her to attend so Calvary did the next best thing. They arranged a remote telecast between the wedding venue in Brooklyn and Calvary’s Bronx campus. Not only was Kathy able to watch the wedding live, she was able to interact with everyone at the wedding.

Calvary didn’t miss a beat when it came to making sure that Kathy got her wish. She wore her beautiful dress, and a professional hairstylist and make-up artist provided her with the royal treatment she so well deserved. Thank you, Calvary.”

Joe Selvaggio

CalvaryCare® Admission

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