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A Gift of Love, A Gift of Gratitude

Dear Ms. Kougasian,

It was a pleasure talking with you on the phone yesterday regarding my contribution of $10,000, as a gift annuity for the benefit of Calvary Hospital.

I became involved with Calvary Hospital when my deceased wife, Olema Cristina Kreider, God rest her soul, was admitted on January 4, 2000. She died January 22, 2000 of cancer.

Although I went through a long period of grief, I never forgot the excellent care my wife received and the empathy shown by the entire staff on the floor. They not only attended to my wife, they also went out of their way to help me cope with the situation. A few names stand out in my mind: Terence McCorry, Jeanne Nusbaum and Mary Ellen Hart. There were many others, but my memory is not what it used to be. These people and the hospital, in general made me realize that I must do something to show my appreciation. I am not a wealthy man – a retired civil service employee – so a gift annuity seemed the best way to honor the memory of my wife’s death.

Thanking you for all your assistance,


Terence A. Kreider

Mr. Kreider is one of a growing number of donors who have found a gift annuity to be the perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one.

A gift annuity is known as the gift that gives back, because in exchange for a gift of cash or securities, donors receive fixed payments for life along with important tax benefits. Not all gift annuities are established as memorial gifts. What appeals to some donors is receiving payments with attractive interest rates and knowing that ultimately their gift will support Calvary Hospital. And as Mr. Kreider learned, the process for setting up a gift annuity is quick and easy.