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Bereavement Department

Calvary provides one of the New York metropolitan area’s most comprehensive bereavement support programs.

Always Here for You, Your Family and Loved Ones

My name is Maria Georgopoulos and I’m the Director of Bereavement Services here at Calvary Hospital. Grief can be very isolating for children as well as adults. I was a teenager when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a family, we did everything we could to fight it but eventually, there was nothing else that could be done. I really would have benefited from a bereavement group when she died but there were very limited resources for grief at that time.

As a result of my experience, my mission has been to make sure that people have a safe place to go when someone significant in their lives dies.

At Calvary, we offer more than 25 bereavement groups across our three sites for grieving individuals. It’s so helpful to sit in a room with others who understand what you’re going through and are there to walk this journey with you. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please call us.

Maria Georgopoulos, LMHC, FT
Director, Bereavement Services

Meet Our Counselors

Maria Georgopoulos

Maria Georgopoulos, LMHC, FT

Director of Bereavement Services, Calvary Hospital/Hospice

Joanne Castellanos, LMHC

Bereavement Counselor, Bronx Site

Stephanie Insalaco, MHC

Bereavement Counselor, Manhattan Site
Rashida Sanchez

Rashida Sanchez, MA, FT

Bereavement Counselor, Brooklyn Site
R. Abby Spilka

Abby Spilka, MA, LMHC, CT

Bereavement Counselor, Brooklyn Site

Support Groups

A connection to Calvary is not necessary to participate in any Calvary support group. All groups are offered at no charge.

More Information

Anyone who is interested in participating must schedule a meeting with one of our bereavement counselors before attending their first session.

To schedule an appointment, please email jabbondandolo@calvaryhospital.org​, or call:


Notes from our families