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Bereavement Department

Calvary provides one of the New York metropolitan area’s most comprehensive bereavement support programs.

Always Here for You, Your Family and Loved Ones

Edgardo LugoI am Edgardo Lugo, Director of Bereavement Services at Calvary Hospital.

Loss is universal, but grief is unique. When you experience the death of a significant person you might notice that the world feels upside down.

You might feel disoriented, you might experience disruptions in your appetite and sleep, you might withdraw from family and friends, or respond to events and people in unfamiliar ways. You may have a variety of feelings that seem to come in waves. These grief reactions are natural and typical when a person important to you dies.

Calvary Hospital Bereavement Services offers a variety of support groups for children, adolescents, and adults led by professional counselors to help you understand your grief and learn to manage it. You do not need to travel this path alone. My team and I are here to help. Take the first step and give us a call.

Edgardo Lugo, MS, LCSW-R, RPT-S, CGP
Director of Bereavement

Meet Our Counselors

Edgardo Lugo

Edgardo Lugo, MS, LCSW-R, RPT-S, CGP

Director of Bereavement Services, Calvary Hospital/Hospice
Joanne Castellanos

Joanne Castellanos, LMHC

Bereavement Counselor, Bronx Site
Stephanie Insalaco

Stephanie Insalaco, MHC

Bereavement Counselor, Manhattan Site
Jacqueline Marlow

Jacqueline Marlow, M.A. ART-P

Bereavement Counselor, Bronx Site
R. Abby Spilka

Abby Spilka, MA, LMHC, CT

Bereavement Counselor, Brooklyn Site
Jackeline Abbondandolo

Jackeline Abbondandolo, LMHC

Intake Coordinator, Bronx Site

Support Groups

A connection to Calvary is not necessary to participate in any Calvary support group. All groups are offered at no charge.

More Information

Anyone who is interested in participating must schedule a meeting with one of our bereavement counselors before attending their first session.

To schedule an appointment, please email jabbondandolo@calvaryhospital.org​, or call:


Notes from our families