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Therapeutic Recreation and Music Therapy

Our programs include daily activities in music, drawing, ceramics, games, horticulture and more.

Therapeutic Recreation and Music Therapy

Therapeutic Recreation services, which are offered seven days a week for patients, are tailored to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate in order to improve functioning and independence, and to reduce or eliminate the effects of illness. Family members are encouraged to participate in activities, allowing them an opportunity to socialize with their loved ones in a supportive environment.

Therapeutic interventions such as arts and crafts, ceramics, horticulture, cognitive programs, creative arts, games, videos and holiday special events are offered on an individual basis or in a group setting. Calvary Hospital is proud to host monthly performance events by Broadway singers and Juilliard students. Programs are held in various locations throughout the hospital.

A recreation therapist is assigned to each unit and works closely with the interdisciplinary team to meet the therapeutic recreation needs of each patient. A music therapist is available upon referral.

The primary goal of the program is to provide therapeutic modalities for diversion from the effects of illness and ultimately enhance the quality of life. The scope of care is one that promotes a “normalized” atmosphere, supportive environment and affords an avenue for self-expression.

Therapeutic Recreation

For many patients, these activities may help them regain a sense of normalcy of what their lives used to be like before their illness progressed. We know that whatever activities they choose to attend, our patients get a great deal of joy and comfort from therapeutic recreation.

At Calvary, we consider it our duty to help our patients at the end of life enjoy what time they have left and to understand why we say that Calvary is the place “where life continues.”

Music Therapy

Our board-certified music therapists use music therapy interventions to soothe patients, relieve anxiety, reminisce, and ease pain and suffering. Music therapy interventions may also provide release in the last hours or moments of life.

Patients receiving music therapy sometimes write songs assisted by the music therapists to leave for loved ones, or find other ways to open their hearts through music. Our clinicians report that in some cases, the only time a patient laughs or smiles is during a music therapy session. We also find that music therapy can reduce stress for families and ease their sorrow. Music therapy is available at our Bronx and Brooklyn campuses, and at our inpatient and home hospice venues through Calvary@Home.

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After more than a century of caring for patients and their families with a philosophy of non-abandonment and dignity in a restraint-free environment, Calvary Hospital, and its staff remain committed to ensuring that this care continues indefinitely.


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