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Calvary’s Camp Compass®

A week-long summer day camp for children who have lost a loved one.

Calvary’s Camp Compass®

Camp Compass® is a week-long summer day camp that allows children a safe supportive opportunity to remember and honor thier loved one that has died.

Held at Kingsborough Community College, the camp is staffed by Calvary personnel from every department, who volunteer to be counselors.

About Camp

  • Established in 1997, Calvary’s Camp Compass® represents a significant commitment from all levels of the Hospital.
  • We also hire a number of teachers and guidance counselors from area schools, to accommodate the record number of campers who attend.
  • We offer a camper-counselor ratio of 2:1, so that the children can always find someone to talk to or be with.

It is impossible to measure the impact Calvary’s bereavement support programs have on our children and teens. Groups and camp become a lifeline for children and teens who have nowhere else to turn to find understanding and guidance as they struggle to cope with the death of a loved one. Children are often forgotten when a family suffers a tragedy.

At Calvary, we not only remember them, but we also listen and provide critically needed, real-life support at a difficult time.

Pictures from Calvary’s Camp Compass®

Support Groups

A connection to Calvary is not necessary to participate in any Calvary support group. All groups are offered at a nominal fee.


Attending Support Groups

Before attending your first support group meeting, please call us at
718-518-2281 or email us.

Bereavement Services for Hospice

Spring 2024 Calendar
Calvary Hospice provides informational and supportive sessions on Zoom to anyone who has experienced a loss on hospice. Sessions will cover a variety of topics about the grieving process and how to cope. Everyone is welcome to join any or all of the following sessions — no registration required.