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Calvary Office of Mission

The Mission of Calvary is to care for the medical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of our adult patients with life-limiting illnesses in collaboration with their families. We adhere to the principles of compassion, non-abandonment, dignity, and love.

Areas of Action

Integrating and celebrating Calvary’s rich heritage, tradition, and values, The Office of Mission informs Calvary’s change strategy and execution at all levels, ensuring that expansions to and advancements in care remain true to the vision and charism of our founders, the Women of Calvary.

  1. Advocacy
    The Office of Mission listens to the voices of the vulnerable and then advocates on their behalf. Collaborating with Calvary administrators and other employees we engage the community and leaders of other health systems to ensure that our strategy, decisions, and policies demonstrate a tangible commitment to justice, solidarity, and right relationships. Our advocacy encompasses the needs of patients, families, and employees, as well as the wider community. The Calvary Office of Mission espouses Calvary’s values lived by our forbearers, paying special attention to those affected by poverty, systemic racism, and injustice which leads to health disparities and inequities.
  2. Lived Mission
    Calvary’s mission and philosophy are captured in our organization’s policies, practices, and procedures. While our day-to-day operations may appear to be routine, no two days at Calvary are the same. What is important to us, every day, is how and why things are done today. This is what shapes the experience of patients, families, co-workers, and the communities we serve. Calvary Office of Mission works in collaboration with Calvary administrators and other employees to promote, shape, and create practices consistent with the core values and vision of Calvary Hospital, by acknowledging the inherent dignity of each person, and seeking justice through solidarity.
  3. Education
    The Office of Mission will apply and serve as a resource regarding the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and Moral Theology, including the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (ERDs). The office encourages and supports the appropriate level of ethics training provided at various levels and disciplines in our organization. Our Mission office assists in facilitating an ethical process while collaborating with key departments within our organization, subject-matter experts, and trained ethicists. Additionally, the Office facilitates difficult conversations in a safe, secure, and transparent environment, consistent with Calvary’s core principles of compassion, non-abandonment, dignity and love.