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We realize how special certain foods are to our patients, since the dishes may evoke happy and comforting memories.

Nutrition at Calvary

What distinguishes Calvary from other healthcare facilities is the individual care we provide each patient and family, founded on the guiding principles of compassion, respect for the dignity of every patient, and non-abandonment of our patients and families.

Being able to enjoy the aroma and taste of delicious food is important to many people. At Calvary, all patient requests, however unique, are treated with the utmost care by employees. Our cooks put extra effort into preparing dishes that are special treats or evoke special memories. They have often tracked down specific dishes or recipes, all in their desire to bring some joy to a patient.

Patients select their meals from a daily menu. If requested, the Nutritional Services department is happy to accommodate special requests, at no extra charge. We realize how special certain foods are to our patients, since the dishes may evoke happy and comforting memories.

Each year, our Nutrition Services team fulfills 10,000 special requests from patients. Among the top dishes requested are classic comfort foods such as burger and fries, chicken wings, fried shrimp, chicken soup, and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Maintaining optimum nutrition, for the patient, is an essential element of treatment here at Calvary Hospital.

  • A healthy, nutritious diet is essential for all. But for the sick, good nutrition is even more important as it can maximize the quality of life.
  • Nutritional requirements may increase during illness.
  • Every effort is made to address symptoms through nutritional care to enhance the patient’s quality of life.
  • The Nutritional Services Department completes a full assessment within 24 hours of admission to provide the diet that will best meet the patient’s nutritional needs.

Based on this evaluation, an individualized dietary care plan is implemented and monitored routinely, to ensure the best possible outcome.

All meals are tastefully prepared and attractively served.

Hugh McLaren
Senior Cook

Putting all these meals together for the patients. It’s a joy. I feel good knowing that what I’m doing for them will make them feel much better. I’m working here for 28 years and I have never called in sick. Rain, snow, shine, blizzard – I have to be here. There’s nothing that can stop me from being here for these patients.