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Calvary Hospital is the only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital in the U.S. exclusively providing palliative care for adult patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. Calvary Hospital provides an extensive continuum of care, including:

Inpatient care New York

Inpatient care

Calvary Hospital’s inpatient care is for adults with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses who need to be cared for in an acute care setting. Our inpatient nursing department, comprised of registered nurses, nurse practitioners and Calvary Care Technicians (CCT), is an important reason why Calvary is world-renowned for its patient care.

For information, call 718-518-2000, ext. 2300, or email Calvaryadmissions@calvaryhospital.org


The umbrella for Calvary’s Certified Home Health Agency and Home Hospice. We now offer short-term inpatient care at The Dawn Greene Hospice at Mary Manning Walsh Home in Manhattan and at Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home.

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Calvary@Home New York
Family Care/Social Work New York

Family Care/Social Work

Our Family Care/Social Work staff understands the direct link between the family’s well-being and the patient’s condition. Family Care provides an array of services free of charge to help relieve the family’s stress and help them cope with the illness of their loved one. The Family Care Center, located at the Bronx campus, offers respite from the medical floors and education about cancer screenings.

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Pastoral Care

With 30 Hospital chaplains of all faith traditions on staff, Calvary’s Pastoral Care Service is the largest of any hospital in the metropolitan area. Pastoral caregivers are integral members of the caregiving team.

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Pastoral Care New York
Bereavement Support New York

Bereavement Support

Calvary provides bereavement services for adults, adolescents, and young children. Groups are available in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan. Groups for teens and children provide age-appropriate bereavement activities. All groups are offered at no charge, and they are open to those who have lost a loved one at Calvary or in the community at large.

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Calvary’s Camp Compass®

Is held annually for children and teens who have lost a loved one and have attended the bereavement program. The camp gives participants the opportunity to be with others who have shared a similar loss and participate in a week of fun and supportive activities.

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Calvary’s Camp Compass® New York
Therapeutic Recreation New York

Therapeutic Recreation

Activities give patients a sense of accomplishment and bring meaning to each day. Activities include: drawing, sculpture, and ceramics projects; horticulture; social hours, offering games and discussions; bingo; and music therapy. Therapeutic Recreation also sponsors special presentations, including performances by Juilliard students and, initiated in 2009, concerts by “Sing for Your Seniors”, throughout the year.

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At Calvary, we recognize that food is more than nutrition. The nutritional services staff makes every effort to provide appetizing and appealing meals prepared to each patient’s satisfaction. Menus that offer several choices and a variety of substitutions are available. Special attention is given to presenting and maintaining meals at the proper temperatures. At all meals, a Calvary Care Technician is available to sit with patients to assist with eating, so that patients can eat at their own pace. We do our best to accommodate special requests and needs, such as kosher or vegetarian meals.

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Nutrition New York
Palliative Care Institute New York

Palliative Care Institute

Calvary’s research and teaching arm, whose mission is to transmit the expertise that Calvary has developed in palliative care into hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities throughout our area and beyond.

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Music therapy

Available for inpatients at our Bronx and Brooklyn locations, and also for our hospice patients. We use music therapy for both patients and family members, to reduce stress and help comfort them and ease their sorrow. In keeping with our mission to share our knowledge and experience with others, Calvary is recognized as a national clinical training site by the American Music Therapy Association.

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Music therapy New York