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CalvaryCare® in the Bronx, NY

1740 Eastchester Road
Bronx, NY 10461
Phone: 718-518-2000

CalvaryCare® in the Bronx, NY

Calvary Hospital Bronx Campus
1740 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10461
Phone: 718-518-2000
Fax: 718-518-2670

For nearly 120 years, Calvary Hospital has devoted itself to one mission — addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients and their loved ones. We care for adult patients with advanced cancer as well as other life-limiting illnesses.

CalvaryCare® includes outstanding end-of-life in the inpatient setting, in the home setting, and supportive services for the entire family, including more than two dozen free bereavement support groups that meet weekly in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

CalvaryCare® is available on an inpatient basis at four facilities: 200-bed hospital in the Bronx, 25-bed Brooklyn Campus, The Dawn Greene Hospice (a 10-bed unit at Mary Manning Walsh Home in Manhattan), and Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home.

Calvary Hospice offers home care and hospice in a variety of settings including private homes, nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities. Short-term inpatient care at The Dawn Greene Hospice and Ozanam Hall is provided under the oversight of the Calvary Hospice. Wherever Calvary delivers its care, the quality is the same as in its flagship Bronx location.

To make a referral or to learn more about our services, please call 718-518-2000, ext. 2300, fax 585-565-3887 or email calvaryadmissions@calvaryhospital.org.

Virtual Tour of the Bronx Campus

About Calvary Hospital

Founded in 1899, Calvary Hospital is the nation’s only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital singularly devoted to providing palliative care to adult patients with advanced and life-limiting illnesses, without regard to race, religion, or economic status.

Calvary’s continuum of care includes inpatient care, care of complex wounds, home care, hospice, nursing home hospice, bereavement care, and extensive support programs for patients, families, and friends. Each year, Calvary cares for thousands of patients and their families.

CalvaryCare® is founded in the guiding principles of compassion, respect for the dignity of every patient, and non-abandonment of our patients and families. Our primary goal is to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and their families.

Location Information

Admissions Requirements
To be considered for CalvaryCare®, patients must:

  • Be eligible for Hospice inpatient level of care; and
  • Require inpatient care for symptoms and care that cannot be managed effectively in the home setting

Personalized Assistance
The Community Outreach staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Calvary’s services and to assist in the referral process. Criteria for admission can be clarified by calling an Outreach Liaison Nurse.

Referring Patients
Hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals can make referrals or inquiries directly to Calvary Hospice. We encourage families of prospective patients to contact us with any questions.

We offer on-site evaluation by a Calvary clinician.

To make a referral or to learn more about our services, please call 718-518-2000, ext. 2300, fax 718-518-2670 or email calvaryadmissions@calvaryhospital.org.

Learn more about admissions in our Admissions section.



Manhattan Express Bus to the Bronx:

BxM10 (Morris Park)

(MTA @ 718-330-1234 or www.mta.info)

Madison Ave. & 24th, 36th, 44th, 52nd,59th, 71stSt.,

3rd Ave. & 86th, 122nd St.

Bronx Stop = Morris Park & Eastchester Rd.

IRT East Side

  • Dyre Avenue (Lexington Express) train #5 to 180th Street.
  • Morris Park Avenue bus #21 to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.

  • #6 train (Lexington Local) to Westchester Square
  • #31 or #21 bus to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.

IRT West Side

  • 241st Street.
  • Train #2 (7th Avenue Express) to 180th Street.
  • Morris Park Avenue bus #21 northbound to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.

IND. 6th Avenue

  • 205th Street “D” Train to Fordham Road (Grand Concourse).
  • Pelham Bay bus #12 to Eastchester Road and Pelham Parkway.
  • Transfer to #31 bus to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.


  • Take Q44 to West Farms Square.
  • Take bus #21 northbound (in front of the school) to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.


  • IRT #4 or #5 train to 125th Street
  • Pelham #6 train to Westchester Square
  • Bus #21 or #31 to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.OR
  • IRT #2 or #5 to East 180th Street
  • Switch to bus #21 to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.OR
  • IND “F” train to Time Square Shuttle Train to Grand Central Station
  • Transfer to #6 train northbound to Westchester Square.
  • Transfer to bus #21 or #31 to Eastchester Road and Waters Place.




  • East Side Drive (FDR Drive) to Triborough Bridge.
  • Exit at Bruckner Expressway, then go on to the New England Thruway.
  • Exit at Pelham Parkway West.
  • Turn left onto Eastchester Road and continue to 1740.


  • Whitestone Bridge to Hutchinson River Parkway.
  • Exit at Pelham Parkway West.
  • Turn left onto Eastchester Road and continue to 1740.OR
  • Throgs Neck Bridge to Bruckner Express Way to New England Thruway to Pelham Parkway West.
  • Turn left onto Eastchester Road and continue south to 1740.


  • Hutchinson River Parkway south to East Tremont Avenue/Westchester Avenue exit.
  • Bear right to Waters Place, and turn right onto Eastchester Road.
  • Continue to 1740.OR
  • Saw Mill River Parkway south to Cross County Parkway east to Bronx River Parkway south.
  • East on Pelham Parkway, cross over to the service road and make a right onto Eastchester Road.
  • Continue to 1740.

Daily parking is available at our Bronx Campus onsite for a nominal fee.

Patient Care Program

The following program of care is available to Calvary patients and family members at the Bronx Campus:

  • Medical Team of 15 Physicians
  • Hospice and Palliative Care trained nursing and Social Work staff
  • Pastoral care department with 30 chaplains representing a range of faith backgrounds
  • 200 private rooms
  • Complimentary cable television and telephone service
  • Overnight accommodations for family members as needed
  • Kosher Hospitality Suite, Shabbat lounge and Kosher food
  • State-of-the-art patient care equipment
  • Beauty Salon offering haircuts in the salon or at the bedside
  • Therapeutic Music Program and Complimentary Therapies (coming soon)

Most hospitals employ just a handful of chaplains for their patients. Spiritual care is so valued at this Hospital, we employ 24 full-time chaplains. They are available seven days a week to care for the spiritual needs of patients and families.

Chaplains lead worship services regularly at our multi-faith chapel in the Bronx, visit the Brooklyn Campus regularly and provide individual counseling. They also perform sacraments and other religious rituals.

A Spanish-speaking ministry is available upon request. Spiritual care providers are also dedicated to caring for the spiritual needs of Calvary@Home patients, wherever they are receiving our care.

In 2004, when Calvary opened the Family Care Center at the Bronx Campus, it was the first of its kind. Adults and youngsters alike visit the FCC as a respite from the patient floors.


Once my wife, Maureen, was at Calvary, her suffering eased. She was sitting up, talking, and even eating ice cream. For those few precious days, you gave her back her dignity — and you gave me back my wife.

Ben Fargione

The amazing people at Calvary helped my wife, Maureen, the love of my life, spend her final days in peace… Because of Calvary, I never doubt that I did the right thing for my sweetheart.

Jospeh W. Cooney

My wife Doris loved life more than anyone. When her lung cancer began to spread, we prayed that the end would be pain-free. Our prayers were answered by the skills and compassion of the doctors and nurses at Calvary Hospital. Until the very end, we held hands, we laughed, we cried. Nothing is more miraculous than Calvary.

Aaron Donner

After caring for his patients his entire life, all the kindness was returned to my husband at the very end… at Calvary.

Dorothy Pacella

They are the gold standard in the very special care they provide.

Larry S.

Special thanks to the angels who provided the light for our brother Howard’s path. A truly exceptional staff.

Alexia R.

My Aunt Mary loved her Catholic religion, her Irish legacy, and a place called Calvary.
My Aunt Mary lived life with extraordinary pride, passion and purpose. Nothing made her prouder than her loving family, her Catholic faith and her Irish heritage. She passed down to all of us a determination to always work hard and help those in need. When a terminal illness began to rob her of her life, we knew that she deserved a special place to give her the dignity and care that she so greatly deserved. Being the Chief of Counterterrorism in the NYPD, I knew the City well. So the choice for Aunt Mary was simple: Calvary Hospital’s Dawn Greene Hospice at Mary Manning Walsh Home on the Upper East Side. The special staff of nurses and doctors relieved her of the physical pain, and she was spiritually comforted daily by the Catholic nuns and priests. She was surrounded by angels who gave all of us a peace and serenity that we will never forget. Thank you Calvary Hospital.

James R. Waters

My husband John was 56 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. We had no idea of how to handle the process of dying. Until we went to Calvary Hospital. Medically, emotionally, and spiritually, you taught us how to handle John’s death. We weren’t afraid anymore.

Laurie Hathorn

We were truly blessed the day Calvary Staff became involved in my mom’s care at the nursing home where she was a resident. The most supportive health care team I have ever met.

Your care for my Susan during her final days was life-saving.
I am grateful beyond words for the care that Calvary Hospital provided my beloved wife Susan at the end of her life. Your medical attention and palliative expertise were superior. Your attentive sensitivity to our needs as a Jewish family was remarkable. And your heartfelt love which we felt from every staff member was genuine. Calvary provided Susan with more than just a place for her to die, but also a sheltered, peaceful community to leave this life as she lived it – with her dignity undiminished. As soon as Calvary started caring for Susan, you lifted that heavy burden from us and allowed us to simply be a family once again. Because of you, my soulmate died in peace, which assures me that she will rest in peace. God bless you, Calvary Hospital.

Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman
Bronx Campus Map