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Calvary Hospital

Holy Week, Easter, and Passover 2022

Calvary Hospital Celebrates Holy Week 2022

The Calvary community wishes you and your loved ones the hope and blessings of Holy Week, Easter, and Passover. We are truly grateful for your commitment to Calvary.

Masses, Holy Week services, and Easter will be celebrated in the Chapel and streamed on Channel 19 in patients’ rooms and dayrooms. Passover (April 15 to April 23) is celebrated on Wednesday, April 20th with a communal Seder, providing us an opportunity to pray and sing together, as we recall the experience of the Exodus as told in story, song, prayer.

Please enjoy messages of hope and renewal led by Calvary Chaplains: Reverend Yvette Ramirez, Father Nicholas Ibe, and Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger.

Good Friday Prayer

Reverend Yvette Ramirez

Easter Prayer

Father Nicholas Ibe

Passover Prayer

Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger


Holy Thursday, April 14
11:30 am Mass – Fr. Nicholas Ibe
3:30 pm Solemn Massof the Lord’s Supper (Fr. Nicholas Ibe)
8:00 pm Holy Thursday Prayer (Rev. Michaelraj Yesudhason)

Good Friday, April 15
4:00 pm Reading of the Passion of Christ
Communion Service (Veneration of the Cross – Fr. Nicholas Ibe)
8:00 pm Good Friday Prayer (Rev. Janet Sloan)

Holy Saturday, April 16
5:00 pm Easter Vigil (Fr. Nicholas Ibe)

Easter Sunday, April 17
11:30 am Mass (Fr. Nicholas Ibe)
4:30 pm Protestant Easter Service (Rev. Michaelraj Yesudhason)