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Calvary Hospital Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2021

National Volunteer Week is a great time to celebrate volunteers, acknowledge their impact on our communities, and encourage others to volunteer. 

Here at Calvary, volunteers help us realize our mission in our day-to-day work and operations. Volunteers are what make CalvaryCare® a unique experience for our patients and their families.

Calvary volunteers are part of our family and we are proud of them and the work they do!

Calvary Hospital volunteers are special people — of all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds — who devote their time, talents, and energy to our patients.

An integral part of patient/family events Calvary volunteers participate in monthly patient birthday parties, special events, and holiday celebrations. Volunteers also provide clerical assistance to Calvary’s various departments.

As a nonprofit, Calvary volunteers play an integral part in the work we do in meeting our mission, and we deeply value the compassion, energy, and love they share in the work they do!

Meet a few of our incredible volunteers:

hospice volunteer nyc“I wanted to give back to a community that gave so much to me and my family for over fifty years.”
-Jerome I.
Read Jerome’s interview.

Calvary@Home Volunteer “Even though COVID has made things virtual for the time being, the connections I am making with patients are real and through interactions like these, I am able to feel the joy that can be provided to patients with just a 30-minute phone call.”
– Christopher A.
Read Christopher’s interview.

Toniann C“Volunteering at Calvary has taught me many valuable life lessons. It has made my purpose in life more apparent.”
– Toniann C.
Read Toniann’s interview.

Calvary@Home Volunteer“I hope that I have been able to add something to each patient and family member’s life, because they have in turn fulfilled mine.”
– Maggie D.
Read Maggie’s interview.

hospice volunteer ny“Hospice volunteering has enriched my life. Getting to know my patients and witnessing their challenges reinforces the importance of being present and living mindfully.”
– Janet

hospice volunteer nyc“Volunteering at Calvary has enabled me to build the foundations of my journey to become a healthcare professional.”
– Alexander

hospice volunteer nyc“I learned that all that is needed from a volunteer is an open heart and clear intention with no expectations.”
– Billy