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Christie’s x Calvary Reception

at the Pebble Bar

Christie’s x Calvary Reception at the Pebble Bar

Monday, April 24, 2023

On behalf of Bonnie Brennan and Christie’s, thank you for welcoming Calvary President and CEO Dr. Christopher Comfort on Monday.

Dr. Comfort spoke about Calvary’s enduring model of compassionate care and our 125-year mission to tend to the physical and spiritual needs of those entrusted to our care, and their families. You may recall Dr. Comfort’s remarks about end-of-life care and how important it is for us, every day, to focus on the dignity of life and maintain our patient’s ability to live their last days comfortably, happily, and to their fullest.

Voice Coach and teacher Linda Monssen was cared for by Calvary Brooklyn earlier this year. With support from the hospital and staff, she remained radiant as she worked from her bedside, sharing her joy for life and love of music with others. Please watch below.

Linda Monssen’s Story