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The Calvary Commitment Award

Nominations open through March 31st, 2024.

Calvary Commitment

The Calvary Commitment Award

Nominate an Employee Today!

The Calvary Commitment Award, established in 2023, is presented quarterly

A colleague or manager can nominate an employee* (full-time, part-time, per-diem) who consistently upholds, promotes, and applies Calvary’s core values of Compassion, Caring, Commitment, Dignity, and Non-abandonment by completing the form below.

Nominations are open from now through March 31st, 2024, for the April 2024 Award.

Winners receive a personalized certificate and gift from Calvary, as well as a departmental appreciation award, Calvary-wide recognition, and a preferred parking space (if applicable) for the quarter!

Additional conditions apply:

  • At least two ballots must be submitted for a nominee to become eligible to receive the Award.
  • *Calvary managers are not eligible for the Award and may not be nominated.
  • Nominees are not to have received any disciplinary action within the last 12 months.
  • In addition to applying and upholding Calvary’s values, the nominee may have taken actions to improve service, cultivate a culture of gratitude, enhance patient safety, support colleagues, or otherwise advance Calvary.

The spirit of Calvary is in the character that distinguishes us, in the principles we follow, and in the way we apply them to achieve our goals.

from A’Lusage Des Dames Du Calvaire, Lyon, 1888 | The Manual for the Use of the Ladies of Calvary, Lyon, 1888

Nomination Form

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Nominee Name
Please tell us in a sentence or two why you are nominating this person for The Calvary Commitment Award.
Using Calvary’s Core Values as a guide, explain how the employee advances the Mission of Calvary and demonstrates their commitment to Calvary every day.
Compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of another person, coupled with the desire to relieve it. It is also about anticipating someone’s needs, respecting their feelings, and remaining non-judgmental. We do whatever we can, no matter how small or simple, to make things better.
Caring generates trust among patients, families, and colleagues. With reassurance and kindness, we tend to the needs of others by looking after their physical and spiritual well-being and creating "belonging" among the people around us.
Commitment is a two-part value at Calvary. First, it is associated with understanding the patient and family’s needs and reassuring them that their needs will be met. Second, it is meeting those needs and honoring promises made.
Dignity is a special virtue that addresses the specific ways we show esteem for each other. It refers to the self-respect of the person, recognizing their capacities and wishes, and supporting their goals and preferences. We are also informative and honest with our patients and families about the care, attention, and love they receive.
Non-abandonment is about our commitment to respond to the emotional suffering of our patients and families; to be always present (talking, listening, sitting) and to show compassion, love, and gentleness. It is the continuous caring partnership Calvary has with anyone entrusted to our care.

Calvary Commitment Award Winners


Mony Varghese

Mony Varghese, RN, has global experience, having practiced medical-surgical, OB/GYN, and cardiac ICU nursing in India. Seven years ago, she joined Calvary, and describes our little corner of the world as “an oasis of kindness and compassion; a place where space is provided, and an environment is created for patients to experience whole person care that takes on board the diversity of patients and families in terms of their faith, personality, ethnic and racial backgrounds.”

Born and raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family in Kerala, in southwestern India. Mony also held a leadership position at an international women’s organization committed to health, healing, justice, and peace. “The values I received from my family and the faith tradition in which I was brought up were my inspiration to choose nursing as a profession.”

Mony says Calvary has helped her gain new insights into human life, its meaning and purpose. “It doesn’t take much to be compassionate and kind to people… My patients are most important to me…. I find it meaningful and fulfilling to be at their side, assuring them of my support in whatever way I can, and offering a supportive presence to families.”

At Calvary, Mony wants everyone to feel heard, seen, valued, and understood. “Being fair and just and empowering every member of the team is very important to me. Success belongs to all of us.”

Mony Varghese

FALL 2023

Johanna Ortiz
Volunteer Coordinator, Hospice

With a passion for helping others, Johanna loves Calvary’s “commitment and passionate care” and her “amazing staff and volunteers.” She admires the dedication and commitment they bring to work every day.

Johanna holds a Master of Public Health and has two decades of experience in the Health sector. Johanna embodies dedication. She is a compassionate soul and finds fulfillment in helping others and actively serving the community. Beyond her professional achievements, Johanna takes pride in being a devoted mother to her four sons (Rick, Joel, Steven, and Matthew) and a proud grandmother to four-year-old Charlyse. Married for 18 years to her husband Boris, Johanna is very grateful. She cherishes her family which includes three turtles, Rocky, Nino and Franklin: “I can’t leave out my turtles!”

When asked how Calvary has changed her, Johanna reflects, “It’s humbled me. [I see] how valuable and important patience and empathy are at every stage of life.”

Johanna takes pride in overcoming a variety of challenges and continuously learning from each experience. Johanna also admires the tireless dedication of all the staff!

Johanna Ortiz and Dr. Christoper Comfort
Calvary CEO and President, Dr. Christoper Comfort presents Johanna Ortiz with the Calvary Commitment Award

Johanna Ortiz with colleagues
Calvary Commitment Award recipient, Johanna Ortiz, pictured with Calvary Hospice colleagues