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Friends, thank you for joining us!

Together we witnessed a living testimony of Jewish survival…
On February 5, 2019, the first-ever reunion of MST Scrolls in New York City took place at Temple Emanu-El, as part of the opening reception for the synagogue’s newest exhibit entitled “The Guiding Hand: Torah Pointers from Past and Present.” The event, which attracted more than 800 people, included a moving procession of more than 70 scrolls from over 10 different states and countries.

Torah Cover
Calvary dedicated the new mantle cover in May 2018

The procession to bring the restored back to the ark in Calvary’s multi-faith chapel in November 2016

Sharing the beauty of the restored Torah at the official dedication in November 2016

chaiOn the evening of Tuesday, February 5, 2019 the Herbert & Eileen Bernard Museum at Temple Emanu-El in New York opened its Spring 2019 exhibition: The Guiding Hand, Torah Pointers Past and Present.

To mark the opening of this exhibition, Temple Emanu-El’s Bernard Museum, in partnership with the Memorial Scrolls Trust (MST) of London, hosted a gathering of Czech scrolls which survived the Holocaust, Calvary’s scroll, No. 515 was featured among them! This momentum event was the first gathering of its kind in New York City.

The support of friends like you made the restoration of our sacred Torah Scroll possible and our global Jewish community is grateful.

This was a truly powerful and memorable experience.

Thank you to the friends, family and young members of the community who came together and were surrounded by dozens of Czech survivor scrolls held by their proud custodians.

The event included an informative panel discussion on the Torah Pointers featured in the exhibition and the history of MST. Speakers included: Jeffrey Ohrenstein, Executive Director, MST and Warren Klein, Curator, Temple Emanu-El’s Herbert and Eileen Bernard Museum of Judaica.

Jewish Family Services Fund

To mark this joyous occasion and to strengthen Calvary’s ability to grow and expand our many Jewish Community care and education programs, we are proud to announce the establishment of a dedicated Jewish Family Care Fund.

Jewish Family Services Fund Mission:

The Jewish Family Services Fund (JFS) has been established to ensure Calvary Hospital is able to continue to provide industry-leading supportive care services for our Jewish patients and their loved ones during their time with us at Calvary Hospital.

We hope you will consider making a contribution to the JFS Fund and help Calvary educate other care providers. honor the traditions of the Jewish Community in our care and extend our reach so we may educate and care for more people in need.

Jewish Family Care Stories

Shaul Gross“My father, Baruch Gross, lived by the proverb of ‘He who gives honor to others.’ Ultimately, he would be honored himself. Surviving the unspeakable horrors of Auschwitz…”
Shaul Gross
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Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman“The rabbis of old, like Jews of today, argued about most everything. Among the uniquely significant debates in the Talmud almost 2,000 years ago was the question of that magical, mystical place ‘Where heaven and earth touch…’”
Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman
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Sandy Wasserman“My goals were simple: I desired only to visit with my mother calmly and spend as much time with her as possible in the waning days and hours of her life. I remain forever grateful for the female Jewish chaplain at Calvary who visited my mother often in those two months.”
Sandy Wasserman
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Lawrence O. Gostin“Is it too much to ask that we treat everyone when they are sick, care for them when they are suffering, and allow them to die humanely and with dignity when the journey is over?”
Lawrence O. Gostin, JD
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Ruth Metzger
“Your expert Home Hospice team alleviated my mother’s suffering and provided wonderful compassion and religiously appropriate, first-rate, end-of-days medical care. You prolonged her quality of life.”
Leon Metzger
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Sandy Reiburn“Even though mom was totally deaf, she fully comprehended every moment of Calvary’s compassion and love.”
Sandy Reiburn
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Gail Stadler“I don’t know where on earth you found the angels who cared for my Dad at Calvary. But thank God you did.”
Gail Stadler
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Over the years, Calvary Hospital has cared for many Holocaust survivors as patients. As Calvary Hospital painstakingly restored the life of our Torah scroll we again cared for a Holocaust survivor, this one a 139-year-old Torah scroll once stolen by the Nazis.

In Jewish law, the Torah is literally considered a living document. When a Torah is no longer fit for use it is given a formal Jewish burial. So returning this Torah to life has provided special resonance for Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger, Jewish community liaison at Calvary, who helped to oversee the restoration.