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Patients & Families: Nancy Ann DiNardo

Nancy Ann DiNardo

Nancy Ann DiNardo

“My mom Lucy was loving, caring, and all about family.”

About Lucy

Our mom lived a full life filled with positivity, determination and humility. She was a giver – never a taker – as she always focused on other peoples’ needs. Her smile lit up a room. Her hugs were radiant. Her homemade ravioli was a culinary achievement of historic proportions. In her final days we knew that a woman like this deserved only the best. She deserved Calvary Hospital.

For more than four months during the pandemic, their expert nurses and doctors kept mom safe and out of pain. Not once was I concerned about her safety. Thanks to technology, our entire family could keep in touch with her regularly. On her 100th birthday, the Calvary staff treated mom like a Queen. Literally. They placed a tiara on her head and filled her room with balloons and beautiful decorations. Our entire family celebrated together again with plenty of laughter! Calvary didn’t just love our mom, they adored her – like royalty.

Lucy DiNardo

My mom Lucy was loving, caring, and all about family. My mother was the best mom anyone could ever ask for. She lived her full 100 years, appreciating life and especially her family.

At the end of her life, when all other hospitals could not relieve her pain and suffering, Calvary Hospital did. With CalvaryCare® she found all the comfort and love she needed as well as the quality of life she deserved.

Even during the pandemic, Calvary’s expert nurses and doctors kept mom safe and out of pain. I was never concerned about her safety. We even got to be together for her 100th birthday, through technology our entire family stayed in touch with her safely. We celebrated together, one last time as a family while your loving staff held a party for her, with a crown and flowers they made her feel like a Queen.

Thank you, Calvary you gave us what other hospitals could not. Time to be together, even though the challenges of the pandemic, with mom relieved of her pain, you gave her the quality of life she deserved.

Nancy Ann DiNardo

My CalvaryCare® Experience – Nancy Ann DiNardo

We are not like other hospitals

We understand that when a loved one is near the end of life nothing means more than being together.

CalvaryCare® spans a wide range of care options, based on the unique needs of the patient and their families. Calvary, founded on the guiding principles of compassion, dignity and non-abandonment, cares for patients and their loved ones.

Calvary’s program of care is designed to meet and address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones.

What is CalvaryCare®

The Best Hospice Care in the New York Metro-Area

During his last days, only Calvary Hospital was able to relieve our son Greg’s cancer pain with peace and dignity.
No parent should ever have to bury their child. But on October 14, 2014, our son Greg, only 35, lost his battle with cancer. Courageous throughout his entire life, with a love for adventure and travel, it was heartbreaking to see him suffer. But thanks to you and your expert staff, you relieved Greg’s physical pain, and the emotional pain of our entire family, as well. For Greg’s final week, our family alternated our overnight stays, so we would always be with him. In fact, his hospital room became a sacred place for us, filled with peace and serenity. Your combination of professional expertise and compassion was remarkable. We have never seen such genuine care and concern. Believe us, we know. I’m a physical therapist, and my wife is a registered nurse. Greg lived out his final days with dignity and peace, in a place like no other. –Thank you Calvary Hospital.

Michael & Rosemary Salamone

Your care for my Susan during her final days was life-saving.
I am grateful beyond words for the care that Calvary Hospital provided my beloved wife Susan at the end of her life. Your medical attention and palliative expertise were superior. Your attentive sensitivity to our needs as a Jewish family was remarkable. And your heartfelt love which we felt from every staff member was genuine. Calvary provided Susan with more than just a place for her to die, but also a sheltered, peaceful community to leave this life as she lived it – with her dignity undiminished. As soon as Calvary started caring for Susan, you lifted that heavy burden from us and allowed us to simply be a family once again. Because of you, my soulmate died in peace, which assures me that she will rest in peace. God bless you, Calvary Hospital.

Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman