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Patients & Families: Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner

Alice Ellis

My mom taught her students how to have harmony in music and life. During her final days, she deserved only the best: Calvary Hospital.”

About Alice Ellis

Alice and family

In June 2019, Alice Ellis died at age 98 from congestive heart failure while under the care of Calvary Hospice. It was the third time since 2017 that she received Hospice Care right in her home in Brooklyn.

“My mom, Alice Ellis, was a strong, smart, independent woman who was a natural leader and excelled in all that she did.

She was an extraordinary music teacher who had a direct influence on hundreds of students who were lucky enough to be in her classroom. Through my mom, they learned how to love music.

Above all, she was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who adored her family.

Alice at piano

So, in her final days, we knew that this remarkable woman deserved to be loved and cared for with the same compassion she had given people all her life. Calvary Hospital’s home hospice was the perfect solution.

The exceptional care from the Calvary nurses and the visits from Calvary’s music therapist gave my mom a wonderful end to life that lifted her spirits and relieved the stress and anxiety in all of us.

Music embodies the pleasures of rejoicing and love. Calvary miraculously gifted my mom with these very same virtues and a continuance of a quality of life that we will never forget.”

– Susan Gardner

My CalvaryCare® Experience – Susan Gardner

Pictures of Alice and family