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Patients & Families: Tony Guerrerio

Tony Guerrerio

Tony Guerrerio and mom

“Care like that doesn’t just happen. Calvary should be a Harvard case study on how an organization can manage and deliver on its mission. Now, I’m a Calvary apostle.”

Many people can relate to Tony’s experience at Calvary and his appreciation for the dignity, comfort, and compassion provided to his mom, Lucille, and his family. When other hospitals couldn’t fully address Lucille’s specific Alzheimer’s needs, Calvary’s unique care made a significant difference to them all.

Prior to Calvary, their experience in other hospitals was disheartening, so much so it had shaken Tony’s confidence in hospital care. It felt like each encounter was stripping away his hope for finding the loving care his mom needed.

But when Tony and his family discovered Calvary, New York’s premier palliative care hospital and hospice, it was a breath of fresh air. From the start, Tony said, Calvary stood in stark contrast to other care providers and medical facilities. He was struck by the consistent love, tenderness, and meticulous care that every member of Calvary extended to his mother and her loved ones — from our receptionists and security staff to environmental staff, nurses, counselors, and doctors.

This is the exact effect Calvary hopes to impart to those in our care.

“Never, ever have I seen such love and tenderness from everyone…Mom was peaceful and treated with the dignity and respect she earned over 98 years. Honestly, so was my entire family,”
Tony commented about Calvary’s holistic care.

Here, compassion and expertise come together, offering unparalleled care to individuals and their loved ones.

At Calvary, we take immense pride in our mission and values: care, comfort, compassion, dignity, and non-abandonment.

Calvary’s reach and expertise are unmatched with service throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland Counties. Founded in 1899, we are proud to be the country’s only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital, exclusively providing hospice and palliative care for adult patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

CalvaryCare® Admission

If you or a loved one seeks compassionate care, we invite you to contact us. Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions about the admissions process and our range of services. Whatever you may need assistance with, we are here to help.

Contact Calvary today and experience the difference that exceptional care can make in your journey towards healing and comfort.

Calvary Hospital: 718-518-2000
Calvary Hospice: 718-518-2465

Guerrerio Family
Guerrerio Family
Guerrerio Family
Guerrerio Family
Guerrerio Family
Guerrerio Family

The Best Hospice Care in the New York Metro-Area

During his last days, only Calvary Hospital was able to relieve our son Greg’s cancer pain with peace and dignity.
No parent should ever have to bury their child. But on October 14, 2014, our son Greg, only 35, lost his battle with cancer. Courageous throughout his entire life, with a love for adventure and travel, it was heartbreaking to see him suffer. But thanks to you and your expert staff, you relieved Greg’s physical pain, and the emotional pain of our entire family, as well. For Greg’s final week, our family alternated our overnight stays, so we would always be with him. In fact, his hospital room became a sacred place for us, filled with peace and serenity. Your combination of professional expertise and compassion was remarkable. We have never seen such genuine care and concern. Believe us, we know. I’m a physical therapist, and my wife is a registered nurse. Greg lived out his final days with dignity and peace, in a place like no other. –Thank you Calvary Hospital.

Michael & Rosemary Salamone

Your care for my Susan during her final days was life-saving.
I am grateful beyond words for the care that Calvary Hospital provided my beloved wife Susan at the end of her life. Your medical attention and palliative expertise were superior. Your attentive sensitivity to our needs as a Jewish family was remarkable. And your heartfelt love which we felt from every staff member was genuine. Calvary provided Susan with more than just a place for her to die, but also a sheltered, peaceful community to leave this life as she lived it – with her dignity undiminished. As soon as Calvary started caring for Susan, you lifted that heavy burden from us and allowed us to simply be a family once again. Because of you, my soulmate died in peace, which assures me that she will rest in peace. God bless you, Calvary Hospital.

Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman