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2020 Annual Report

2020 annual report


is to care for the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of our adult patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. It is the only fully accredited acute care hospital in the U.S. devoted exclusively to the palliative care of adult patients.

We continued to carry out our mission in 2020, with the creativity, dedication, and compassion of our entire Calvary community.

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Message From The Chairman Of The Board And President

In the 121 years since Calvary Hospital was founded, 2020 will stand out as the most challenging year we have ever experienced.

There are many words that can be used to describe last year. The one word that we feel best describes Calvary’s experience: RESILIENCE.

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Frank Calamari and Thomas Fahey
Frank A. Calamari, FACHE - President and CEO (left) & Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD - Chairman, Calvary Hospital Board of Directors. (right)
Calvary Staff

Our Caregiving Team Never Wavered

Throughout this challenging year, our caregivers never skipped a beat — from physicians, nurses, and Calvary Care Technicians, to chaplains and social work/ family care practitioners.

Our caregiving team worked every day for months, Kept patients and families in touch when visiting was not allowed in any hospital, comforted family members in the community after their loved ones died, and worked double shifts at the Bronx or Brooklyn campuses so patients could get the care they needed and deserved.

Nancy Delaney: “I have always been moved by Calvary’s mission, ‘Where life continues.’”

Before virtually anyone else did, Calvary saw the pressing need to provide care to those for whom aggressive treatment and a cure were no longer an option. They created a place where the patient could be treated as a person, where they could be with their families and friends without limitation, and where their favorite things in life – whether it be music or a cocktail – could be provided.

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Nancy Delaney
Calvary staff in scrubs

We Stayed True To Our Mission

Calvary Hospital is blessed not only with excellent caregivers, but they are also supported by hundreds of dedicated professionals in dozens of departments.

Calvary employees perform many important roles. They process patient admissions and handle paperwork, they keep the facilities running smoothly, and they cook thousands of nutritious meals each month for all patients and staff.

The Housekeeping team makes sure that our facilities are kept spotless, and Security ensures the safety of every person on-site.

In Kind Donations & Gifts of Comfort

Calvary is grateful for the generous donations we received from our donors and supporters during the pandemic.

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In Kind Donations
Carlos M. Hernandez
Carlos M. Hernandez - Chairman, Calvary Fund, Inc.

Message From The Calvary Fund Chairman

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who gave generously in 2020 to support Calvary Hospital. Last year was unlike any other year, and Calvary Hospital remained committed to its mission of non-abandonment.

This pandemic illustrated for all of us the importance of care for patients and families dealing with a terminal illness.

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Elesa Andreassi

Calvary was a blessing for my husband. The care, the dignity and the way he was treated, I could never, ever thank Calvary Hospital enough.

The doctors, the nurses, technicians, housekeeping and security – there wasn’t a person I encountered that wasn’t wonderful. There aren’t enough words to properly describe my experience there. All I can say is, “God bless Calvary Hospital.”

Elisa Andreassi
Awards Gala

Saluting Our Strength, Success And Supporters

Thanks to the exceptional resilience of our donor family, more than $10.4 million in contributions was raised in 2020.

Calvary Hospital’s 37th Annual Awards Gala: $941,116 raised.

32nd Annual Golf Classic: $130,879 raised.

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Patricia Price Major

My Dad was Protestant and my Mom was Catholic. My Dad raised his children as Catholics. When my Dad arrived at Calvary, he told my brother that he wanted to become Catholic. The Calvary staff arranged for him to receive his First Communion and Confirmation.

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Patricia Major
Storrs Society

The Storrs Society

Members of the Calvary Storrs Society – our patron giving program – donated a total of $3,039,426 to support programs and services not reimbursed by insurance but essential to the care and comfort of our patients and families.

View The Storrs Donor List: Individuals | Organizations | Foundations & Estates

Mary Beth & Ed Morrissey

We are honored to support the critically important work of Calvary Hospital in serving the most vulnerable persons in our society as they approach the end of their lives, or endure the suffering of chronic pain conditions. Calvary Hospital is providing sui generis care in end-of-life and palliative care.

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Calvary Holding Company, Inc.

Financial highlights for the year ended December 31, 2020

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CalvaryCare® Initiative

Despite delays caused by the health crisis, The CalvaryCare® Initiative continued on track to its $100 million fundraising goal with $42.1M raised. The Campaign is strategically designed to support the growing number of terminally ill patients in the New York area. While the pandemic forced suspension of critical person-to- person cultivations and solicitations, it also inspired meaningful new initiatives to ensure the Campaign’s success.

The Calvary Resilience Fund (CRF) was created to provide an opportunity for donors to help Calvary stay strong in the face of future adversities, like that presented by COVID-19. This initiative recharges our momentum and fuels enthusiasm in 2021.


Rita Kalish

“Over 15 years ago, my husband was cared for by Calvary Hospital. He spent 7 months at the hospital and during that time they helped us celebrate Passover and an anniversary. The staff was extremely kind to us. They were tender and so caring and so loving, that I will never forget them. I’m also grateful for the compassion that they gave to my daughter-in-law, who was cared for several years earlier.”

The Society of 1899

Calvary established The Society of 1899 to honor individuals who have made a Bequest or Deferred Gift to the Hospital.

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Society of 1899

Message From The Chairman Of The Board And President

Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD (left) and Frank A. Calamari (right)

In the 121 years since Calvary Hospital was founded, 2020 will stand out as the most challenging year we have ever experienced. There are many words that can be used to describe last year. The one word that we feel best describes Calvary’s experience: RESILIENCE.

We were determined to not let COVID-19 affect the quality of care wherever our patients and families were located.

  • Hundreds of our employees worked 12-hour days seven days a week for months on end, going far beyond the call of duty.
  • When other hospice care providers were reluctant to admit patients who might be COVID positive, our team – especially for Calvary@Home – willingly cared for them.
  • When the NYS Department of Health decided that no visitors would be allowed, we quickly pivoted and found ways to use technology to keep our patients and families in touch.
  • We redeployed staff as necessary to fill critical needs throughout the pandemic.
  • We provided 42,660 complimentary meals to our staff, and provided spiritual and bereavement support.

Entering the second year of the pandemic, Calvary is more committed than ever to safety.
Here’s what we’re doing now to keep us all safe:

  • Screen every employee and visitor at our Bronx and Brooklyn campuses;
  • Test all new patients for COVID-19 without any history of the virus in the past 90 days;
  • Provide our inpatient and Calvary@Home staff with enough PPE to safely care for patients;
  • Offer bereavement support groups remotely for all children, teens and adults;
  • To date, Calvary has administered 5,301 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, benefiting 2,683 employees and people from the community.

In the more than three decades that we have each been affiliated with this great hospital, we have never witnessed more integrity, dedication, soul and sheer emotional strength than we did during this past year.

But what really helped us get through this pandemic were donors who were just as resilient.

Donors like you provided Calvary with donations such as: 2,100 meals; 6,920 masks, 610 goggles and face shields; and 1,670 gowns and pairs of disposable gloves. We could go on and on. Your support was essential to making sure that the quality of patient care did not suffer.

In an unprecedented year in which many non-profits were struggling, Calvary was able to raise more than $10.4 million – more than what we typically raise without a global pandemic to deal with! There are no words to describe our gratitude for your support during this time.

We look forward to the day when life will get back to normal at Calvary. But until then, we have already begun working on several exciting initiatives:

  • A $1 million grant from the Mother Cabrini Foundation will allow us to launch the Navigator Program. This will allow us to introduce palliative care earlier in people’s lives while they’re still seeking curative measures.
  • The launch of our CalvaryCare® initiative, our $100 million capital campaign, will strengthen the Hospital for decades to come.

We invite you to be part of these new initiatives.

Until COVID-19 is no longer the healthcare crisis we’ve experienced, we are confident that our entire staff will continue rising to the challenge.

We are very grateful for the generous support of our Hospital and Fund Boards, donors and volunteers, to our unwavering mission of caring for adults at the end of life.

Thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do for Calvary in the future.

Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD
Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD
Chairman, Calvary Hospital Board of Directors

Frank A. Calamari
Frank A. Calamari
President and Chief Executive Officer

Message From The Calvary Fund Chairman

Carlos M. Hernandez

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who gave generously in 2020 to support Calvary Hospital.

Last year was unlike any other year, and Calvary Hospital remained committed to its mission of non-abandonment. This pandemic illustrated for all of us the importance of care for patients and families dealing with a terminal illness.

The staff at Calvary Hospital continued to perform acts of kindness and tender mercies that characterize the extraordinary care for which Calvary is legendary.

In the face of crisis, we developed innovative ways to meet the emotional needs of patients and families.

Calvary’s mission is to lift the burden of fear and anxiety from patients at the end of life; this is what we do best. We will continue to be resilient and keep the faith that guides all Calvary staff, including the nurses, doctors, chaplains, and social workers.

As a result, Calvary continues to pivot in ways that allow our programs to remain strong both fiscally and programmatically while remaining true to our mission.

While 2020 was a challenging year for fundraising, in light of the pandemic we witnessed numerous individuals and foundations step up and increase their support or give more frequently. We continue to remain optimistic that much of this generosity will continue in the years ahead.

Again, thank you.

Carlos M. Hernandez
Carlos M. Hernandez
Chairman, Calvary Fund Board of Directors

Calvary Hospital Donors: Gifts in Kind

In-Kind Donations


  • 6,920 masks
  • 2,100 meals
  • 610 goggles & face shields
  • 450 mask extenders
  • 1,000 cups of coffee & donuts
  • 870 gowns
  • 800 pairs of gloves

Food & Beverages

  • 70 pizza pies
  • 250 cases of Pepsi beverages & snacks
  • 235 iPads
  • 1 Zoom license
  • 75 gift bags of Mary Kay personal care products
  • 60 boxes of Girl Scout cookies
  • 250 phone chargers & adapters

Gifts of Comfort

  • 70 pizza pies
  • Hundreds of comments on social media posts touting our dedicated staff

Consumer Electronics

  • 2 Mophie Powerstations
  • 125 pairs of fashion leggings
  • 1 Zoom license
  • Dozens of thank you notes to our staff

In-Kind Donors


ABC 770AM Radio
Audacy CBS Radio
Bloomberg Media
Catholic New York
DeSales Media Group
Fort Group
iHeart Media
The New York Times
New York Daily News
Univision Communications Inc.
WNET NY Public Media

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
CACCC (Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care)
Wendy Dackson
Empire Blue Cross
Home Depot
The Imagine Society & Marina Franklin
Jen French-Glick
Milli Knudsen
Maria Lief, MD
Notre Dame University Center for Innovation
Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
Rye Rotary Club

In-Kind Donors

Food & Beverages

Eve Marusevich Addeo
Bronx Sole
The Pat Cairo Family Foundation
Coffee to the Frontlines
Crosby Pizza Shop
Nancy Ann & Stephen DiNardo
Dubrovnik Restaurant
FDNY Engine 97
Marina Franklin
Girl Scout Troop 1874
Gravesend Kiwanis Club
Rogelio King
Leche & Miele Restaurant
Rosemary Lewis
Marina Del Rey
Barbara Nitzberg
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of New York, Inc.
Project Barkada
Tricia Reyes


Anne Alexis Coté Taylor
Theresa Cinnante
iPads to Hospitals
Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo P.C.
Wilma Rosa


Elizabeth Cespedas (Mary Kay)
Valerie Kirk (Lularoe)

2020 Calvary Fund Report

Saluting Our Strength, Success And Supporters
Calvary supporters rallied against unprecedented challenges to protect our mission of non-abandonment and provide superlative end-of-life care to patients and families in dire need.

Thanks to the exceptional resilience of our donor family, more than $10.4 million in contributions was raised in 2020.

Calvary Hospital’s 37th Annual Awards Gala
COVID may have changed the rules of engagement, but the steadfast loyalty of our exceptional donors never wavered.

Our 37th Annual Awards Gala was one of our most successful fundraising dinner events ever, generating $941,116 in pledges and payments to benefit our patients and their families. Offered in a virtual format on Monday, December 14, 2020, the gala was attended by an estimated 500 visitors. The highlight of the evening was a performance by the legendary Alan Menken, the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award-winning composer of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Broadway’s Little Shop of Horrors, Sister Act, and much more.

Three distinguished honorees were acknowledged for their commitment to Calvary. Khalil Barrage, Managing Director of Invus, was awarded The Calvary Medal in recognition of distinguished corporate and civic leadership. Louise M. Parent, Retired Executive Vice President & General Counsel, American Express and Of Counsel, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, received The Compatior Award for a legacy of leadership and service, including her years as a member of the Calvary Fund Board, and volunteering at both the Bronx campus and The Dawn Greene Hospice in Manhattan. Faye Menken Schneier and Leah Menken-Levenson accepted the inaugural Spirit of Family Award on behalf of the Menken Family whose friendship and support exemplify the true meaning of partnership in good times and bad.

32nd Annual Golf Classic
On Monday, August 24, 2020, 60 Calvary donors, including 11 first-time attendees, gathered on the greens at Brae Burn Country Club to ace the day in memory of Dennis E. Berberich. The ongoing pandemic forced our golf enthusiasts to curtail enjoyment of the usual lavish cocktail and dinner activities, but not their generosity in support of Calvary’s patients and families — $130,879 was raised.

Leading the drive were Co-Chairs Dennis M. Berberich, Maryann Farrell, and Joseph L. Nunziata. Key sponsors included The Robert Goelet Foundation, Simone Healthcare Development, the Solimine Family, Linda and Dennis Berberich, Central Medical Supply, Empire General Consulting, Eileen and E. Barry Lyon, the Monaghan Family, and LaSorsa Auto Group.

Calvary PAC Prevails
Over the past decade, Calvary’s Attorney Conference has earned a reputation as a must-attend event for trusts and estates practitioners. In 2020, refusing to be paused by the pandemic, Calvary’s Professional Advisor’s Council (PAC) successfully pivoted to offer a timely topic virtually for Calvary’s 17th Annual Trusts & Estates Conference. “Ethics for Breakfast: Ethical Implications for Attorneys in the Gig Economy” attracted a record-breaking 341 of the area’s top trusts and estates attorneys, whose attendance earned them two Continuing Legal Education credits in Ethics and Professionalism. The remote format enabled the participation of many younger attorneys who might otherwise not have been able to attend.

The Hon. Nora S. Anderson, Surrogate, New York County moderated and was joined by distinguished panelists Mary P. O’Reilly, Esq., Partner, Meltzer Lippe; Lisa Solomon, Esq., Owner, Lisa Solomon Esq. Legal Research and Writing; Lori Sullivan, Esq., Counsel, Seward & Kissell LLP; and Rick Supple, Esq., Partner, Clyde & Co US LLP.

Co-chairing the event was Leah D. Hokenson, Esq., Managing Director, Baldwin Brothers LLC; Gerard F. Joyce, Esq., National Head of Trusts and Estates, Managing Director and Deputy General Trust Counsel, Fiduciary Trust International; and Erin Gilmore Smith, Esq., Senior Vice President and Senior Trust Officer, Bank of America Private Bank.

PAC members are volunteers from the legal, investment, accounting, insurance, and banking professions; they share a deep respect for the unique service Calvary provides to patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting diseases.

Distributions and Pay-outs
Planned Giving revenue for FY 2020 was $4,702,173. Additionally, PAC conference feedback reported a total of 36 new wills drafted that contain bequests to Calvary. The Society of 1899, Calvary’s premier legacy program, added 12 new members to its roster.

Recognizing Leadership
The world changed, but the quality of CalvaryCare® never will. To protect Calvary’s commitment to non-abandonment and guide our response to the unprecedented healthcare crisis and ensuing restrictions, 33-year Calvary veteran Debbie Feldman was promoted to Vice President for Pastoral Care, Bereavement, and Family Care Services. All clinical programming for patients and families, outside of nursing and medicine, was combined under Ms. Feldman’s capable leadership to form a super-team of Family Care Practitioners.

Placing a premium on individual contact, Ms. Feldman’s Practitioners called virtually every family to ask for their preferred mode of communication, including phone, video conferencing, text, and more. Then family and staff were armed with all the apps and equipment needed to keep lines of communication open. Debbie Feldman and her team were heroes of the pandemic, ensuring that every staff and family member felt Calvary’s support and compassion, even in the darkest days.

The Annual Spring Donor Appreciation Reception
The world changed, but the quality of CalvaryCare® never will. To protect Calvary’s commitment to non-abandonment and guide our response to the unprecedented healthcare crisis and ensuing restrictions, 33-year Calvary veteran Debbie Feldman was promoted to Vice President for Pastoral Care, Bereavement, and Family Care Services. All clinical programming for patients and families, outside of nursing and medicine, was combined under Ms. Feldman’s capable leadership to form a super-team of Family Care Practitioners.

Placing a premium on individual contact, Ms. Feldman’s Practitioners called virtually every family to ask for their preferred mode of communication, including phone, video conferencing, text, and more. Then family and staff were armed with all the apps and equipment needed to keep lines of communication open. Debbie Feldman and her team were heroes of the pandemic, ensuring that every staff and family member felt Calvary’s support and compassion, even in the darkest days.

Calvary Hospital Donors: Individuals

Storrs Society

$25,000 & UP

Anonymous (2)
Garo Armen
Elaine & Alan Ascher
Connie J. Attanasio
Khalil Z. Barrage
Anne Alexis Coté Taylor
Pamela L. & William J. Diffley
Claire & Carlos Hernandez
Louise Radin & Leonard Kreynin
Michael Loobman
Margaret A. & William M.
Louise M. Parent, Esq. &
John Casaly
Frances A. Resheske
Susan & Dennis M. Schneider
Lisa & Robert E. Spatt, Esq.
Barbara Venito

$10,000 – $24,999

Judith Albert
Elaine & Manfred Altstadt
Elisa Andreassi
Lori A. & Charles J. Arduini
Jean L. & Stephen A. Burke
Jeanne K. & Paul M. Carroll
Phyllis Cherebin
Raymond Debbane
Faye & Steven J. Golub
Harry Hutzler
Lisa & George Sim Johnston
Claire M. Ludwig
Gloria R. Marone
Robert Mikesell
Bettina M. Miraglia
Robert Racucci
Camile G. Saba
Joanna Socha
Otello Stampacchia
Jane Turley
Christiana & Sheldon M.
Kathleen A. Wickham

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Ann M. Amicone
Chris J. Aridas
Phillip Bafundo
Susan C. & Timothy P. Barr
Sandra Atlas Bass
Rosemary Berkery
Richard Bernstein
Bonnie Brennan
Cathie C. & Leslie P. Brodsky
Marijane Camilleri
Louis J. Cappelli
Dorando F. Cavallacci II
David Epstein
Ann Fanizzi
Linda Feinberg
Philomena R. & Thomas G. Ferrara
Mary Louise Formato, MD
Barbara & Daniel Gallo
Diane F. Giacalone
Michael Goldstein
Corinne Graber
Charles J. Groppe, Esq.


$5,000 – $9,999

Susan Grossman
Dorian Hansen
Virginia & James Harden
Olga Ingram
Linda A. Karam
Nora M.* & Paul F. Kardian
Alexander M. Laughlin
Kathleen V. & John B. Lynch
Philip Ma
Joseph R. Marrantino
Matthew Maslow
James J. Monaghan
Irene A. Moyna
Jennifer B. & Stephen T. Murray
Eileen T. Nugent, Esq. &
Lou R. Kling, Esq.
Salvatore Ragonese, Jr.
John A. Raphael
Janet & Kenneth Raske
Louis F. Reuter
Maureen Roaldsen
Mauro C. Romita
Jane B. & Christopher R. Rourke
Kenneth F. Scharfenberg
Barbara Sheridan
Carla & Amit Sikdar
Arlene B. Smith
Christopher Sobecki
Joan Squires Moran
May F. Tam
Robert J. Task
Susanne & John J. Tumelty
Robert J. Viglietta
Alice Bowie Wartell
Patrick B. Woods
Peter M. Wright
Soofian Zuberi


$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous (3)
Richard S. Abramson
Richard H. Addy
Debo P. Adegbile
Anthony M. & Ann Marie Agnello
Angela Aguiar
Barbara & Todd Albert
Constance Alimaras
James H. Alston
Gladys Alvarez*
Robin & Philippe J. Amouyal
Laura Anderson
Janet Anderson
Jordan Anger
Rae Anzaroot
Julia C. Apotheker
Debra Bloom Arkin & Jack Arkin
Ersen Arseven
Kristin J. Ashman, Esq.
Monserrate M. Ayala
Christopher Ayson
Frank Baio
Thomas Baldwin
Catherine E. Bambrick &
Cecilia Bambrick
William O. Bardavid
Frances & George Barletta
Theresa Barone
Lawrence Barone
Theresa Barracca
Peter M. Bauer
Wiktor Bednarz
Angeles Belleza
Judith E. Belsky
George Benczak
Marilyn S. Benta
Linda & Dennis M. Berberich
Beatrice P. Berger
Diane J. Berkowitz
Kathryn Berkowitz
Stanley & Patricia Berman
Beverly C. & John P. Bertsch
Zeynep & Evren Bilimer
Jennie & Alphonse Blandi
Barry C. Bloom
Susan Blum
Theodore Blumenthal
Lois & Roy* Boelstler
Cara Boyle & Craig Mende
Joan P. Boyle & Robert A. Pooley
Patricia A. Brennan
Robert A. Brescia, MD
Dennis Bricker
Kathleen M. Broderick
Johanna Brodhaag
Terry & Michael Brooks
Allyson M. & Arthur M. Brown
James A. Brown
Mark S. Brown
Shelahmichael Brown
Jeanmarie Brusati
Bernadette Bucher-Glasse
Mary Buckley
Alice R. Buedden
Frances Burgos
Claudia Burke
Anne G. Burns
Mary A. & David G. Butler
Joyce Calabro-Gillen
Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Rose Marie Campbell
John T. Capetta
Mary M. Carolan
Judith & Joel M. Carpet
Marianne M. Casey
Marco A. & Marlena Castaldi
Frank & Margaret Caulson
Margaret M. Cavanaugh
Margot & Richard Chartoff
Lucinda Chen
Deirdre Cherry
Marie F. Chiang
Constance C. Chille
Leslie A. Chorun, MD
Rosemary Circosta
Celestine Civetta
Mary Claudia Wall
Kenneth S. Clemons
Angela Clohessy
Lorraine & William Cogen
Frank L. & Jean L. Colavito
Barbara & Tom Cole
Kevin F. Condon
Michael Conforti
Mary E. & Michael W. Conway
Geraldine Cooney
Joseph W. Cooney
Nancy Cordes
Tracy Corn
Victoria Cosentino-Katibah
Barbara & John R. Costantino
Ann T. Coughlan Brown
John W. Cronin
Gerald J. Cullen
George Culliney, Jr.
Dorothy Currie
John C. Czvekus
Nancy & Michael D’Agostino
Mark D’Urso
Ethel T. & Edward P. Dancy
Nancy & Frank De Cicco
Elizabeth De Cuevas
Victor M. De Leon
Dianne & Leonard De Martino
Ronald R. De Rubeis
Linda De Santis
Patrick DeCarlo
Barbara L. & John A. Decina
Trudi DeDonato
Tita Del Giudice
Nancy E. Delaney
Robert Delaney
The Joseph L. DeMarzo Family
Kathy & Frank DiMango
Mary J. & George T. Donahue
Diane Donnelly
Eileen & Daniel Donovan
Michael Dorra

$1,000 – $4,999

Joan Dougherty
Ann & Richard G. Durant
Anthony Durante
Rose Mary Dyson
Sylvia Eckardt
Laura C. & Bernard F. Egan
Patricia S. & Neil T. Eigen
Talton Embry
Rebecca Even-Zohar
Catherine Fabiitti
Steven Fabrikant
Benita Fadel
Eleanor K. & Thomas J.
Fahey, Jr., MD
Julie & Jonas Fajgenbaum
John A. Farese
Benedict J. Fargione
Adib Fazah
Bernard Feeney
Karen Feldman &
Gregory Diamond
Benjamin Felt
Phyllis B. Fernandez
Patricia Ferrari
Aurora & Henry J. Ferrero
Judith Feuerstein
Mary Helen & Robert Finnerty
Cecilia C. Bennett & John J. Fiore
Bernard M. Fitzpatrick
Tracey G. & Jeffrey Flanagan
William J. Fleming
Amparo Fontanes
Charles A. Forma
Jean-Francois Formela
Warren Frank
Angela C. & William C. Freda
Richard D. Freedman, MBA, Ph.D.
Carol A. & Gary B. Freidman
Judith Freudman
Susan T. Friberg
Robert M. Friedman
Patricia A. Fusco
Christine Y. Gaffney
Peter Gallagher
Tracy & Peter Ganbarg
Clare C. Garetano
Robert W. Garthwait, Jr.
Alice Geller & Scott A. Levine
A. Mary Gilbert
John M. Gillen, Jr.
Slavka Glaser
Mitchell Glazer
Patricia Golden
Steven Golembeski
Loretta & Paul A. Golinski, Esq.
I. Manuel Gomez
RoseMarie Goodnough
Evelyn M. Gorman
Barbara Gottlieb
Arlene A. Graci
Catherine & William F. Grant
Arlene M. Grauer
Diane & Robert P. Grbic
Paula Greco-McTigue &
Paul McTigue
Briana Green
Eric A. Gronningsater
Afalo Guimaraes
Louise & James J. Hagan
Kevin Hallinan
Mimi Halpern
Kenneth V. Handal
Anne L. Hart
Devry L. Hawkins
Helen & Edward D. Heben, CPA
Gary Heinze
Laurel E. Henschel
Elizabeth A. Hogan
Lilian M. & James J. Hopkins
Russell G. Horn
Joy C. & William S. Howe
Patricia M. Howell
Dorothy Humphrey
Jeffrey W. Hunter
Andrea Hyde, Esq. &
William D. Harrington
Stephen Israel
Debra Jaret
Ann & Michael Jenkins
Monica Jerussi &
Nicholas Tzoumis
Barbara A. Jobo
Gerardine M. Johnson
Robert A. Jones
Elinor L. Josenhans
Joseph A. Jurovcik
Janet Kalish
Rita Kalish
Noreen Kearney
Patrick J. Kellachan
Mary F. & Francis Kelty
Glen P. Kennedy
Peter O. Kennedy
Jenny O. Kho
Annette & Phillip J. Kiamie, Sr.
John T. Kiernan
Lorence Kim
Edith P. Klarmann
Donald Kopal
Steve Kornacki
Alan W. Kornberg
Svetlana Kornfeind
Robert L. Kreppel
Mary M. Kresky
Lynn K. Kroll
Patricia M. Kuchinskas
Gail C. & Saul J. Kupferberg
Lynn & Richard J. Kutilek
Elaine Labrecque
Teresa C. Landi
Joan Lange
Nicole M. Lannegrace
Joan & Stephen Lasala
Bryan Leach
Beverly A. Leardi
Francis J. Lemieux, Jr.
Leah Lenney
Helen L. Lesnik-Mistak
Mary Louise Liebman
Ingrid E. Lorenz
Frank E. Lucente
Charles F. Lundy
Gregory Lutz
Karen P. Lynch
Eileen H. & E. Barry Lyon
Jose E. Maccera, MD
Philomena & Sean Mackin
Ann MacMurray
Mary Madigan
William T. Maher, Jr.
Patricia & William M. Major, Jr.
Kathleen A. & David M. Maksomski
Barbara J. & Joseph Malandruccolo
Jennifer S. Mayer
Kathe A. McBride
James McCabe
Kathleen M. & Robert H.
Alexandria Jane S. McCrorie
Nancy Stein & Edward F.
David McDonald
Maureen J. McGowan
Diahn W. & Thomas J.
McGrath, Esqs.
Lucy Flemming McGrath
Marie T. McKellar
Manya McKenna
Kathleen McLaughlin-Jerge
Anne B. McManus
Finian McNamara
Mary Alice McNamara
Elizabeth G. McPartland*
Barbara A. & Paul J. Meberg
Hon. Suzanne J. Melendez
Melanie Kogan & Scott J. Mellis
Penelope M. & Thomas T. Meyer
S. Alexandra Mikijanic
Marianne & Steven Mills
Kitellen Milo
Theresa E. Moore

$1,000 – $4,999

Mariann & Carl Morales
Margaret P. Moran
Constance & Thomas F. Moran
Louise D. Moretti
Alayne Morgenthal
Mary Beth & Ed Morrissey
Theresa Moser
M. Colleen Mullens
Margaret Mulqueen
David E. Munshine
Kathleen Murnion
Domenick M. Muro
Julia A. Murphy
Mary M. Murphy
Donald V. Murray
Lorraine F. Murray
Mary P. Murray
Alyse Myers
Irene Nardolillo
Donna & Orlando Naveo
Mirna Neda
Kishwer S. Nehal
William P. & Michele D.
Helen Neuhaus
Frederick J. Neun
Pamela K. Norum
Christine Killorin & John Nussbaumer
Eileen T. O’Brien
Jill & John J. O’Brien
Mary Ellen O’Connor Shyne
Han Oey
Michael J. O’Hara
Anne B. O’Malley
Claire O’Neill
Teresa Ouzounian
Linda A. Paolucci
Lawrence G. Pape, MD, Ph.D.
Jacqueline V. Parkin
Regina Patterson
Timothy M. Paul, Esq.
Mary E. Pecorini
Frances Pergamo
Judy E. Persise
Gregory P. Peterson
Ellen H. Petrino
Caroline T. & Daniel R. Pisani
Edward J. Piszko
Juliet Gloria & Arthur Pizzuto
Emily Portney
Maureen & John E. Potter
Austin J. Power
Carla A. & Salvatore J. Pranzo
Michael Quan
Anne P. Quinn
Gerard Quinn
Nancy P. Quinn
Sandra L. Racaniello
Hon. Reena Raggi
Frank Ragonese
Luis Ramos
Nadim Razzouk
Thomas Reed
Richard Regan
Monique M. Regard, MD
Matthew Reid-Schwartz
Judith B. & John F. Remondi
Anthony G. Richards
Margaret O. Richards
Esther Riley
Cynthia Roberto
Ann Marie & Charles Robertson
Elizabeth & Thomas Rochford
Joseph Rodriguez
Yale Rosen, MD
Helene & Samuel Rosenberg
Paul I. Rosenberg, Esq.
Barbara & Gary Rosenthal
Susan Rudin
Ann Ryan
Edward W. Ryan
Pasqualina Sacchetti
Christine Weart Sachs & Robert A. Sachs
Maxwell Saffian
Hildy Saperstein
Mary B. Sayers
Patricia M. Scanlon
Amy & Charles Scharf
Charles Scheidt
Donald Schneider
Margaret Schwartz
Nealle Seavey
Frances Secondo
Alan D. Seget, Esq.
Barbara A. & William R. Serpe
Sunny Sessa
Ian Shand
Walter Sharp
Robert B. Shea*
John F. Shettle, Jr.
Dan Siegel
Helen Siembab
Ann E. & Richard J. Sims
Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman
Wendelin M. Slusserer & James D. Bruce
Kathleen & Michael J.A. Smith
Beatrice K. Sparling
Ilse & Murray Stark
John J. Steed
Merle Steinberg
Kenneth A. Steiner
Barbara A. Streine
Patricia M. Perez-Garcia & Neil P. Stronski
Patricia S. Sullivan
Virginia L. Swift
Audrey Taitt-Hall
Mary E. & Michael J. Tangney
Joseph Tarantino
Eileen Boylan Taylor
Ellen L. Taylor
Constance V. Testa
Justine & Nicholas Timko
Laura D. & Gerald C. Tobin, Esq.
Barbara J. Tomany
Valerie Tootle
Karen A. & John F. Townsend
Jean-Pierre L. Trebot
Heather & Gaurang Trivedi
Peggy & Michael T. Troncone
Marie & Chris Tully
Richard S. Turell
Victor J. Tutino
Ann M. Utke
Donna M. Valenti
Louise R. Varnas
Myrna A. Vega
Louis A. Vegliante
Jean V. & Alberto Velez
John Verdeschi
Natica & Victor Von Althann
Virginia Vu-Matthews
Patrick J. Waide, Jr.
William F. Wallace
Anne M. & John F. Wallace
Ellen & John Walsh
Jacqueline P. Walton
John Warner
Donald R. Weber
Robin & Alan W. Weber
Arlene F. Weberg
Patricia F. & Charles C. Webster
Mildred Weigl
Alethia J. West
Arthur Weyrauch
Laughlin Whalen
Lynne Wheat
Stephen J. Whelan
Cynthia & Thomas White
Kathleen A. Whitley
Diane J. Wieda
Laura G. & Stanley J. Wiegand
Celestene K. Wright
Ketly J. & Ronald Wright
Eung Suk Yoon
Alison & Boniface Zaino
Rose Carmen Zanca
Jeanne Zunich, Esq. & Richard J. Bowler, Esq.


Calvary Hospital Donors: Organizations

Storrs Society

$25,000 & UP

BlackRock, Inc.
The Electrum Group, LLC
FIS Foundation
The Invus Group, LLC
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
William & Mary Buckley Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Brae Burn Country Club Inc.
Future Value Associates, Ltd.
JSRM Foundation
Knights of Columbus – New York Chapter
Oracle Partners, L.P.
Richard McVey Charitable Fund
Satter Foundation
The Degna Spoldi Private Family Foundation
The Robert Goelet Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Brito Family Foundation
C.E. Nelson Charitable Fund
Gossamer Bio
James G. Houlihan Family Second, L.P.
Knights of Pythias – Grand Lodge
Naddisy Foundation
Police Relief Fund
Proskauer Rose, LLP
Rosol Agency, Inc.
Sacks & Sacks LLP/Counselors at Law
Sara E. Moss Family Fund
Seer, Inc.
The DeDonato Family Foundation
Vivian Chiu & Edwin Lin Charitable Fund

$1,000 – $4,999

Ann Eden Woodward Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher and Co.
Bela and Catharine Schick Foundation
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
Brooklyn Benevolent Society
Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company, N. A.
Cacace Giving Fund
Calvary Hospital Medical Association
Central Medical Supply, Inc.
Concannon Family Foundation
DeCicco & Sons
Decina Consulting Company
DelFranco Family Fund
Empire General Contracting Corp.
Empire Valuation Consultants
Estate of Renee Zimmerman
Evercore Wealth Management, LLC
Fidelity Charitable
Fiduciary Trust Company International
Friends of Pelham Civic Association Inc.

$1,000 – $4,999

Gary J. & Susan O. Ferrentino Foundation
Genserve, Inc.
George & Mary Meister Foundation
Glenmede Trust Company
Gloria Gray Foundation Inc.
Goldie Anna Charitable Trust Fund
Howard Gilman Foundation
Irwin Weiner Foundation, Inc.
Joan & Alan Ades-Taub Family Foundation, Inc.
Mathis-Pfohl Foundation
Metzger-Price Fund, Inc.
Micromem International Inc.
MPI Business Valuation & Advisory
NM Morris Family Foundation
Nunziata Ad Agency
Oresky & Associates, PLLC
Paul M. Mazur Fund
Peckham Family Foundation
Pells Mayton Foundation Inc.
Porter Braden Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

Protiviti Consulting, Inc.
Putney, Twombly, Hall & Hirson LLP
Ridgewood Savings Bank
Rockefeller Group
Rotary International District 7230
Schuyler Hill Funeral Home
Siegel Property Management LLC
Sterling National Bank
Sunshine Sachs and Associates
The Christopher Columbus Society of Peekskill
The Feuerring Foundation
The Jesuits of Fordham Inc.
The Joe & Hellen Darion Foundation, Inc.
The M&T Charitable Foundation
The Maggie and Waggie Foundation
The Mines Press, Inc.
The Ponagansett Foundation, Inc.
Transervice Companies
Transervice Logistics Inc.
ZS Fund L.P.

Calvary Hospital Donors: Foundations & Estates

Storrs Society


Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Arts and Letters Foundation
Barbara Epstein Foundation
Bertha & Isaac Liberman Foundation, Inc.
Billy Rose Foundation, Inc.
Catholic Institute of the Food Industry
The C.F. Roe Slade Foundation
Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation
Charles R. & Winifred R. Weber Foundation
The David Berg Foundation, Inc.
Della Calce Private Foundation, Inc.
Dreitzer Foundation Inc.
George Link Jr. Charitable Trust
The G.L. Connolly Foundation
Hagedorn Fund
Harmon Foundation, LLC
The Helena Segy Foundation
Hugoton Foundation
The Irving T. Bush Foundation, Inc.
The Jana Foundation Inc.
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Kupferberg Foundation
Kurr Foundation
Laurie Kayden Foundation
Max & Selma Kupferberg Family Foundation
Mickey Capelli Foundation, Inc.
The Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation
Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
Mother Cabrini Health
New Yankee Stadium Community
Benefits Fund Inc.
Newman’s Own Foundation
The Pat Cairo Family Foundation, Inc.
Quentin J. Kennedy Foundation
Robert & Gail Edelstein Foundation, Inc.
Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust A/C
Sherlock Charitable Foundation
Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation
Wasily Family Foundation
The Y.C. Ho/Helen and Michael Chiang Foundation


Estate of Marie T. Bauer
Estate of Irene Bellus
Estate of Claudia V. Brigman
Estate of Lola Calcagno
Estate of Rosellen M. Callahan
Estate of Grace Catalano
Estate of Jean Paul Cormand
Estate of Howard Danon
Estate of Margaret Dempsey
Estate of Ray Marie Dilieto
Estate of Francois J. Duboulay
Estate of Charles W. Dunn
Estate of Roberta Feinberg
Estate of Sean Finn
Estate of Mary E. Fowler
Estate of Mary Franco
Estate of Joan Garcia
Estate of John A. Gargan
Estate of Rocco Joseph Garrio Jr.
Estate of Susan Gernert
Estate of Amelia A. Gould
Estate of Harry Kalish
Estate of Ruth Kalish
Estate of Elaine D. Kennedy
Estate of Kathryn R. Krause
Estate of Lillian C. Lee
Estate of Peter Lee
Estate of Harold Mabern, Jr.
Estate of Elizabeth (Betty) McPartland
Estate of Angelo P. Morra
Estate of Mavis Owen
Estate of Victor Poetto
Estate of Carole Ann Quinn
Estate of Antoinette Rienzi
Estate of Mattie Schottenfeld
Estate of Robert Joel Schwartz
Estate of Kathleen Shanahan
Estate of Nicholas Signorelli Sr.
Estate of Barbara Strauss
Estate of Louise A. Tartaglia
Estate of Betty G. Waller
Estate of John Winters
Estate of Margaret V. Zgombic
Estate of Elliott Zuckerman

Calvary Hospital Donors: The Society of 1899

Calvary established The Society of 1899 to honor individuals who have made a Bequest or Deferred Gift to the Hospital.

Society of 1899


Anonymous (50)
Dorothy Altman
Manfred Altstadt
Rose M. Angelicola
Philip Arena
Connie J. Attanasio
Jane Auriemmo
Barbara Badyna
Frank Baio
Carolina Baròn
Diane J. Berkowitz
Elizabeth Bertoldo
Lorraine M. Braun
Claudia V. Brigman*
Marcy Brownson
Thomas E. Buckley
Mary & William Buckley
Frank A. Calamari
Lola Calcagno*
Alice Callaghan
M. G. Campbell
Louis A. Caputo Jr.
Yolanda Clyne
Margaret Cremmins
Cynthia J. Cupolo
Diane Darrow
Lorena De Filippis
Ronald R. De Rubeis
Carmen J. De Simone
Eileen A. Dennin*
Carol & James Di Lorenzo
Joyce Dolin
Mary J. & George T. Donahue
Ellen Emery
Mary T. Fahy
Ann Fanizzi
Thomas G. Ferrara
Audrey & Gary Ferraro
Ouida St.C. Ffrench
Lydia Figueroa
Stefano L. Filiberti
Mary Fittig
Ms. Mary E. Flynn*
Claire A. Fordrung
Mary Louise Formato
James J. Fox
Mary P. Franco*
Richard D. Freedman


Chaim Freiberg
Cynthia Gagen
Catherine and Vincent Galatino
Joann V. Galdi
Clare C. Garetano
Steffi A. Gavin
Magdalen Gaynor
Carolyn Gentile
Lynne Geras
Susan Gernert*
Jim Giannone
Barbara Gottlieb
Jane Mack Gould
Mary Graci
Arlene A. Graci
Ehler O. Gregory*
Eleanor M. Grober
Susan Grossman
Doris Hanel
Laurie Hathorn
Jenny Jassey
Robert A. Jones
Linda A. Karam
Nora M.* & Paul F. Kardian
Jane & Tomas Killilea
Edith P. Klarmann
Luisa A. Kley
Joanne Knetge
Terence Kreider
Armando Leone
Marcia G. Levine
Edward & Barbara Levine, PhD
Lucille Lew
Bill Lundy
Gloria & Jack* Maloney
Phyllis Mate
Nancy Stein & Edward F.
William A. McKenna Jr.
Elizabeth G. McPartland*
Lorraine Melora
Paul S. Mesard
Janine Metz*
Roseann Mincieli
Elaine Monahan
Joan & Richard Montemarano
Margaret P. Moran
Christina Mullarkey


Kathleen Murnion
Domenick M. Muro
Rosemary Nalbone
Catherine M. Namias
Ruth L. Nelson
Madeline G. Newbauer
Barbara A. O’Brien
Kathleen F. O’Connor
Margaret M. O’Connor*
John F Palisi
Louise M. Parent
Susan Pav
Marie R. Porcello
Marc E. Prager
Lucille Prudente
Christiane R. Quinif
Pam Geraldi Rabin
James P. Reilly
Thomas Revello
Carmine Roberto*
Jane M. Roeser
Yale Rosen, MD
Paul I. Rosenberg
Catherine Sabino
Joan Salb
Gloria A. Santino
Jane M. Shaw
Nicholas Signorelli*
Nancy Moore Simpson
Carol A. Sonnessa
Vincent J. Spinelli
Elliot J Stamler
Reinhold Stehle
Merle Steinberg
Patricia S. Sullivan
Terry Sullivan
Virginia L. Swift
John V. Tanzilli*
Robert Temliak
Linda Terrasi Cezanne
Gerald C. Tobin
Joyce Toy
Nancy Underwood
Gail Wayne
Edwin D. Wood
Rose Carmen Zanca


Calvary Holding Company, Inc.

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