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Our Stories: Volunteers

An interview with Toniann C.

Toniann C

Toniann C.

“Volunteering at Calvary has taught me many valuable life lessons. It has made my purpose in life more apparent.”

Q: How long have you been a volunteer at Calvary and how many days/hours do you work with patients?

A: I started volunteering at Calvary in January 2019. I began volunteering once a week for three hours in the Family Care Center. Currently, I volunteer for four hours each day, twice a week.

Q: What made you decide to become a volunteer at Calvary?

A: I chose to volunteer at Calvary, specifically in the Family Care Center, because I felt that I could be the most helpful there. Everyone needs someone to be there and to listen so they do not feel alone. I knew that feeling too well and knew I wanted to be that person that anyone could feel that they can talk to.

Q: How has volunteering helped you in your personal life/career?

A: Volunteering at Calvary has taught me many valuable life lessons. It has made my purpose in life more apparent. Before volunteering, I knew that I was a good “people person” but spending time at Calvary has shown me that I want to use my personality in all aspects of my life. I have a much larger appreciation for everyone and everything in my life because of volunteering.

Q: Tell us a memorable experience you’ve had as a volunteer with us.
A: One of my most memorable experiences at Calvary was meeting a family member of a patient who became a frequent visitor in the Family Care Center simply for a cup of tea. Conversations with the gentleman always put him in a better mood and gave me some good laughs. Whether we spoke for five minutes or an hour, I felt as if I made a difference in his day.

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