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Jewish Patients and Families: Donor Impact

Donor Impact

  • Over 1,000 Jewish patients in our hospice/home care program, at our Bronx and Brooklyn campuses, at The Dawn Greene Hospice at Mary Manning Walsh Home in Manhattan, and at Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home
  • Calvary staff with ongoing training in the traditions of the Jewish community
  • Kabbalat Shabbat services each week and celebrations of all major holidays
  • Pastoral care by the Hospital’s three staff rabbis who provide spiritual services weekly or more frequently as needed
  • End-of-life counseling in accordance with Jewish tradition
  • At our Bronx Campus Calvary offers Kosher meals and cholov yisroel dairy products; kosher food pantry with separate microwave ovens for meat and dairy, refrigerator and sink and a Shabbat Lounge, and has a commercial refrigerator in main Hospital kitchen dedicated to kosher foods for patients


Over the years, Calvary Hospital has cared for many Holocaust survivors as patients. As Calvary Hospital painstakingly restored the life of our Torah scroll we again cared for a Holocaust survivor, this one a 139-year-old Torah scroll once stolen by the Nazis.

In Jewish law, the Torah is literally considered a living document. When a Torah is no longer fit for use it is given a formal Jewish burial. So returning this Torah to life has provided special resonance for Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger, Jewish community liaison at Calvary, who helped to oversee the restoration.