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Nurses Month

Calvary Celebrates Our Nurses

In honor of Nurses Month 2021, Calvary Hospital will be sharing our nurses’ stories to illustrate their integral role in the palliative care of our patients, and to bring the nursing industry into sharper focus for the community.

Reynante Tan, RN

Reynante Tan, RN
“Being a nursing professional, I am able to give my patients the dignity and compassion they deserve in their final days.”

Dahlia Elliott, RN

Dahlia Elliott, RN
“The fact that I am able to make my patients smile even though they are in so much pain, makes being here more fulfilling.”

Maurice Kowlessar, RN

Maurice Kowlessar, RN
“I feel a sense of fulfillment being able to reach out and empathize in a way that brings comfort when there is despair and grief. As a Christian, I believe I am fulfilling my purpose in life.”

Lourdes Melendez, RN

Lourdes Melendez, RN
“One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is the ability to die with dignity and grace.”

Samantha Quiambao, RN

Samantha Quiambao
“Nursing is the privilege and honor where others let you come into their lives and help them towards a better quality of life.”

Bridget Mulligan, RN

Bridget Mulligan
“As a nurse at Calvary, you’re not only taking care of the patient. You’re also taking care of all the people they’re leaving behind.”

Lisa Irwin, RN

Lisa Irwin
“A friend and former co-worker started working for Calvary. She told me that it was a great place to work. She was right! I have been working for Calvary for over 17 years.”

Saraa Adelson, RN

Saraa Adelson
“Caring for a person and their family at the end of their life is not only an honor, it is a privilege.”

Shelly Nakagawa, RN

Shelly Nakagawa
“I love caring for people at all stages of life… End of life is very important to me because it is a celebration of our life journey.”

Gislene Noel, RN

Gislene Noel
“Every patient I have ever had has taught me something. My patients teach me humility, and they teach me to be brave in the face of danger.”

Virginia Panchana, RN

Virginia Panchana
“I have family members who are nurses. They love their career and encouraged me to pursue it as well.”

Lisa Plaza, RN, BSN, MPH

Lisa Plaza
“Essential qualities for a Calvary nurse are compassion, caring and empathy. In order to get the full picture of what patients are going through you really need to put yourself in their shoes.”

Latisha Bangari, RN, CCC

Latisha Bangari
“Becoming a nurse has allowed me to showcase what is imperative in the field. I have inspired so many colleagues and family alike.”

Kwabena Agyeman, RN

Kwabena Aygeman
“Calvary has changed my whole perspective on life… We all have to love one another.”

Nancy Schoener, RN, NP

Nancy Schoener
“Becoming a registered nurse taught me how to care for my patients bodies. As a CPE-trained chaplain, I can care for the mind and spirit as well.”

Eric Plaza, RN

Eric Plaza
“While it can be an emotional and challenging experience, providing quality care for end of life patients is of the utmost importance. It is a profession I truly embrace.”

Angela Chen, RN

Angela Chen, RN
“The goal of enhancing quality of life is the priority for the nursing community during this unpredicted Covid-19 pandemic.”

Ora Rolle, RN

Ora Rolle
“As a hospice nurse, I am honored to help bring peace and dignity to the end-of-life experience through my care of patients and their families.”

Maria Antonelli, RN

Maria Antonelli
“We help families navigate this special end-of-life journey. This is what CalvaryCare® is all about.”

Alberto Melendez, RN

Alberto Melendez
“My original career aspiration was to work for the NYPD as a police officer. I chose nursing because I wanted to help people and make a difference.”

Kim Cavallito, FNP-BC, PSM

Kim Cavallito
“One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is the ability to die with dignity and grace.”

Shawn Boyd, RN

Shawn Boyd, RN, Bronx Campus
“I think it’s a calling. Calvary opened me up to a whole new type of care. People think that when someone is in the end stage of life, there isn’t much to do. In fact, you have to do much more.”

Kalmalee Golden, RN

Kalmalee Golden
“If I can make every patient’s final journey brighter and provide compassion, comfort, and care, then I know I’m doing my best”

Elena Filatov, RN

Elena Filatov
“My experience with a deathly ill father made me promise myself that when I became an adult, I would provide all patients quality care regardless of their nationality or religious affiliation. Health has no religion or color.”