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National Nurses Month

Meet Samantha Quiambao, RN

Samantha Quiambao, RN

Samantha Quiambao

“Nursing is the privilege and honor where others let you come into their lives and help them towards a better quality of life.”

Q: What or who inspired you to be a nurse?

A: I come from a family of nurses. I essentially grew up in the hospital watching my parents run around and save lives in the Emergency Room. They are my true inspiration for becoming a nurse and sustaining my nursing spirit. The hospital felt like home because of my parents. When it was time to decide what I would like to do with my career, I could not think of anything else. As I progressed through nursing school, it only confirmed how much I love this profession. Nursing is the privilege and honor where others let you come into their lives and help them towards a better quality of life.

Q: How long have you worked for Calvary? What brought you to us?

A: I’ve worked for Calvary since August 2020. My friend had suggested Calvary. Since then, I truly became intrigued with this specialty in nursing and the care Calvary aims for.

Q: When and why did you decide to work with patients at the end of life?

A: End-of-life care became a focus in my career recently. Personally, end of life is the true essence of having a call to nursing. All stages of life are vulnerable, but providing end-of-life care to the patient and their family have shown me it influences how they are able process this phase in their lives knowing their loved ones were comfortable.

Q: Describe what it means to be a nurse here.

A: A Calvary nurse is not only a nurse to the patient but to the family as well. It takes compassion, patience, and teamwork. The most fulfilling part of being a Calvary nurse is realizing you’re not only targeting the medical needs of a patient, but the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and their family. Once achieved, the feeling of comfort you’ve imparted to the patient and families is very rewarding.

Q: What was it like to work here during the pandemic?

A: While I was not here for the peak of the pandemic, I was still able to experience some parts of the surge. It was overwhelming but the teamwork was amazing. It made the tough times easier for a novice nurse. I’m very thankful for the staff I’ve encountered at Calvary.

Q: Please share a memorable experience with a patient or family member.

A: The most memorable experiences I have with the patients are moments that take me by surprise. While I was providing care and fixing up the patient’s bed, the patient just hugged me and cried. The patient thanked me in the best English she could muster. The patient started to say that she felt like her daughter was taking care of her. That stuck with me knowing how well her family took care of her. Ever since then, I’ve always tried to obtain that level of comfort and care for all my patients.

Q: What qualities are essential to being a Calvary nurse?

A: It is essential for a Calvary nurse to have compassion, good communication skills, curiosity, empathy, patience, resilience, and a good sense of humor.